Last time we looked at the problem of having too much work and how it really is a choice and an excuse not to achieve the results you are looking for.

And although that is an extremely common excuse these days, the self-sabotaging doesn’t end there. So, the excuse I want to explore with today’s article is the “I just don’t like it” excuse.

If you read my previous article, how to turn hate on its head, you’ll already know that working with an exercise you don’t like is often one of the most beneficial things you can do. If all you ever do is workouts you enjoy or you ‘like’ then you are almost certainly hindering your progress.

Generally, people don’t like doing workouts because they are not very good at them or they feel uncomfortable while doing them.

The reason for this is you will be using muscles that are lagging or your range of motion is not good enough. Therefore, by not improving these areas, you are drastically limiting your potential and likely making yourself more prone to injuries through muscular imbalances.

Training can be enjoyable at times and the sense of satisfaction at the end of a tough session is hard to beat, but if workouts were easy or comfortable, everyone would do them. But, if they were comfortable, then they wouldn’t be challenging for your body and so you are not giving your system any reason to respond and develop.

Similarly, when it comes to diet, if something is good for you and is really going to make a difference, then just suck it up and get it down.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “I don’t like vegetables” or when you hear the veg intake it consists of only carrots or the occasional salad.

Occasionally I will recommend some kind of peri-workout nutrition in the form of a shake, or some kind of supplement if their lifestyle is making nutritional intake a problem. To then refuse to drink it due to not liking the taste is a poor excuse indeed.

Remember what you are training for.

Remember how important that result is to you.

Is it really such an issue to eat or drink the odd thing that doesn’t 100% agree with your pallet?

If you are not nutritionally fuelled, your workouts will suffer; your energy levels will suffer; your recovery will suffer. In short, your results will suffer.

I’m not saying all your meals should be boring or bland. There’s no need to be forcing down chicken and broccoli for every meal. There is a world of variety available without eating garbage and if you have a bit of time, you can really make some exceptionally tasty options. But if you are already using the ‘time is short’ excuse, don’t add another one if you have to use some kind of supplement. You can try out different flavours as you go, but if it is your only option, just get it down you. Saying you don’t like something and then chomping on a bar of chocolate, heading to McDonalds or starving yourself is just insane, or simply proof that your goals aren’t strong enough on an emotional level and they are simply something you ‘fancy’ rather than truly desire.

It may only feel like a ‘just this once’ moment, but these small moments can have huge effects on your results.

So always return to the emotional reason for making the change in the first place. Remember what you want to achieve and why. Think of how you will feel and what it will mean to you to achieve your new physique, to feel healthier, stronger or more vibrant. Remember those changes are for a lifetime and the thing you ‘don’t like’ will only last a few moments. Now ask yourself, which is of greater value to you? Feeling good about yourself or avoiding that one thing?

And just like your exercise choices, you may well find that, by trying foods you didn’t previously like, you may develop a taste for them long term. Then you get the results as well as a healthier pallet to go with it, so further improvements will come much easier in the future.

This is NOT a healthy snack! The monkey is there to lure to children! Things designed to lure children are rarely healthy or wholesome Make grown up decisions, not the ones triggered by marketing FOR KIDS!

“I don’t like it” is a child’s response – be better than that!

Cereal boxes have cartoon animals on them to appeal to children. McDonalds has a clown for an icon, to appeal to children. When you hear the word “Sweeties” what age is the person you’d imagine saying it?

Eat like an adult, act like an adult and do the things that are good for you rather than just because, “I want it!”.

Be the best you can possibly be.

At least until next time, when we will be covering the issue of being too tired to workout. Now go prep some greens to go with your next meal.

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Fruit And Veg - I don't like it - Excuse
The ‘I don’t like it’
Excuse by Mark Tiffney

What are your thoughts?

Are you one of the ‘I don’t like ANY vegetables’ crew? Are there things you simply avoid just because you don’t like them? Has this piece made any change to that?

Let me know in the comments below.

And keep us updated with how you get on if you do decide to simply ‘suck it up’ in the short term and try to find the things you never thought you would like and now do.