How to eat healthy with a busy schedule. It’s the ultimate question in this, modern, digital, and supposedly, less stressful world we live in.

That was the promises of the 80s and 90s. We were heading to a world where we could have meetings from our homes, robots and computers were going to make everything faster, more efficient and we would all have more time for ourselves.

Didn’t really pan out that way did it?

Obesity and dietary related disease are on the rise. There are lifestyle magazines on every shelf suggesting your physique is there to define you. And more than ever it has become a priority for many to ‘get in shape’.

Yet, despite the heightened desire to make changes, responsibilities and commitments both at work and home seem to be more demanding now than in the days before all this modern technology.

The technology that was going to free us all!

Fueling your body for a busy schedule

The basics:

There is a difference between working hard and working smart.

Trying to cram a perfect approach into an already busy life is never going to work.

However, just because you can’t do everything, doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

The ideal start is to do the things that will have the biggest impact first.

Think of it logically. If you have 6 things you could be looking to change, but 3 of them will have 80% of the overall impact, if you give all your attention to those 3 things, you’ll get much further forward than giving all 6 elements 50-60% of your best.

Put your effort where the results are.

Let’s break it down.

Where should you put your focus to make the biggest difference?

  1. Get your head in the right place.

Be very clear what it is you want to achieve.

If you don’t know where you want to go, no amount of drive is going to get you there.

If you need guidance on where to start, head to the most appropriate of these articles for advice:

The latter two may be focused on skipping workouts, but the mental connection to putting things off is the same.

  1. Get your sleep patterns right

If your body isn’t being allowed to recover, rebuild and repair, it cannot function correctly.

If you are not functioning optimally, no fitness or nutrition strategy is going to have the desired effect.

This is not just a case of getting 7-8hrs per night, but rather, being consistent in the timings and patterns. Plus, quality is generally more important than quality. Half the sleep in a dark, quiet room, with no blue light (phone or TV screens, digital clock screens etc) will be more beneficial than sleeping in daylight, in front of the TV or being periodically woken.

  1. Get enough water

Too many of your body’s functions rely on water to consider this anything other than crucial to your dietary approach.

No matter how busy you are, you have time to drink some water.

The difficultly, often, is when you are busy, you forget to drink.

If you feel this is an area you fall short, have a read at this:

Water – the importance of hydration

The important takeaway here is, if you are short on your intake here, ignore more nuanced elements or specific dietary approaches until you have this right. It’s more important.

There is nothing in any of these elements that requires you to spent vast amounts of time to get right. Rather you simply have to commit to doing them and check, every day, that you are.

Does the process end there?

Obviously not.

The point is not that these will give you the results you are looking for. Rather, without these elements in place, your results from all other approaches will be limited, so make these your first priority.

Getting these elements correct may not give you the amazing results you are likely craving.

What they will deliver, though, is more energy and focus in general.

You’ll be more efficient in your day to day activities, which may free up more time to spend on the other elements of a healthy nutritious lifestyle.

They’ll also allow for a better functioning body, which will allow for greater results from the rest of your efforts.

Once you have these elements in place, then what?

Easy ways to eat healthy

The route that is generally accepted the ideal route to ensuring you stay on point when it comes to your nutrition, is to prep.

For most this means one or two days per week, batch cooking your meals and a lot of Tupperware.

However, even though this does make life simpler, it is also likely to mean giving up 3 or 4hrs once, or possibly twice, per week to do the prep work.

And even if you have the time to do that, you still have to work out what you are going to prep, have the utensils and skillset to do so, not to mention the need to go shopping for the ingredients.

As mentioned before though, trying to do everything perfectly can cause an all or nothing approach.

A better solution would be to look at your circumstances an apply the approach that works best for you based on your current and unique circumstances.

In order to help you do that, I’ve outlined a series of options that you can pick and choose from to best suit your current situation.

Option 1

You have time for prep. You want to get the best results possible. But you need a road-map.

Download Dynamic Cleanse & Sustenance

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Free Nutrition Guide - Click to Download

In order to ensure anyone with enthusiasm to get the fastest and most long-lasting results possible, I created a free e-book for anyone to download.


Use Online Shopping

Yes, it costs delivery fees. You must arrange to be home for collection. And often you have to put up with substitutes, you may not get the best quality food (unless you do multiple shops from different sources). However, it prevents impulse buying, the costs save you fuel and time (which could be more valuably placed elsewhere) and you can review and ensure you don’t miss anything for your plan.

Use the Facebook Community

The community is there for you to make the most of. There are hundreds of people there already (at time of writing around 500). And when there are multiple people contributing, it works well. But then it goes quiet for months as people download, but do not take part. It is a fantastic way to share recipes and cooking ideas as well as supporting each other through the withdrawal phases. So, share and contribute and it will help you in the long-run.

Use the game element

It’s very easy to get stuck in your ways and that can get boring and make you feel like there are no options. The book is set up to be played as a game of chance. Meaning you can randomise your meals. That may force you to make things that you would never have thought of (and similarly things you may never make again) but you’d be amazed at the gems you can get out of it.

Use it in conjunction with the online course (below)

The next Option is an online nutritional course. And putting the information from these two sources together could make for a potent route to success.

Option 2

You want a simple route to success with your hand held, step by step, from beginning to end. Including cooking instructions, meal prep videos and the like.

Nate Miyaki's Online Courses

Nate is one of the world’s top coaches when it comes to health and nutrition. Just check out his abs and you’ll understand that he knows what he’s doing.

But, looks aren’t everything and just copying a pro is rarely a good approach.

The reason I’m such an advocate of Nate’s work is, he doesn’t ever tell you that there is only one approach. He’ll break down the science and thought processes behind what he’s doing and show you how he came to his conclusions. But that leaves you open to your own interpretation.

What is great about his online course is, he follows an approach that is everything we have discussed her so far. That is, it is based around prioritising your choices and adding in more and more layers until you have a solid approach that is working the best it can for you.

Where it differs from reading a book or downloading a programme is, it is set up as a formal course.

You have modules and lessons, mostly in the form of videos. So, you can sit back and relax to take in the information at the end of a busy day.

The course allows you to learn what you need to learn, set up for your specific approach and then, at the end, Nate takes you into the kitchen and literally cooks the food in front of you, so you can follow along.

You can go at your own pace, but just like any educational course, by the time you get to the end of it, you will have completed everything, the knowledge will be there forever and if you do forget anything, you can simply go back and watch the videos in the relevant module.

However, unlike most educational courses, by the end of it, your entire nutrition approach will be in place for successful long-term results.


No time to watch the videos in full? Play the videos in the early sessions as audio when driving or at the gym. You should pick up enough information to allow you to proceed. If you feel you need the video (to see the notes Nate is referring to) you can always go back and look at those specific sections.

Go deep, when you can. Scroll below the videos. There is a TON of content down there in PDF form, links to blogs and journals with further reading on the science behind Nate’s advice.

Use in conjunction with the ‘Dynamic Cleanse & Sustenance’ book. Develop a bigger variety of meal ideas (and share these on the Facebook page to encourage discussion and get others involved in the conversation and journey).

Option 3:

You don’t have time for any level of prep and need someone to simply supply you with the meals you need to succeed.

Use a meal prep company such as Skrann73

10% Discount with code DCS10 - Skrann73 Meal Prep

There is clearly a demand for this. There are tons of meal prep companies appearing in cities across the world.

It creates complete convenience. You can order anything form just covering your lunch meals, your evening meals to every meal you need for the week.

As with all services in the health and fitness realm though, not all services are equal.

Having investigated 8 such services available in the West of Scotland, I found huge differences in quality and service.

In the main, the bigger, more established companies had the more basic, bland meal options. There was very little, if any, personal service. And the ability to alter things to suit your own needs were close to non-existent.

The smaller, local, companies were much more open to discussing and tailoring to individual needs. And whilst there was still a variety in the level of flavour and creativity in the meals from one company to the next, they tended to be more interesting.

More flavoursome and interesting meal choices are going to create a greater chance of compliance longer-term.

Ultimately, the best option I found in our area was Skrann73.

Keep in mind, they are based solely in the West of Scotland though. If you live further afield, you should look into what is available locally.

What makes Skrann73 stand out is the owner, Scott, is a chef first.

His priority is to make tasty, satisfying meals.

The calorie and nutrition content are important. But he is continually experimenting to ensure he is delivering the best tasting meals, not just ones that fit your macros, regardless of flavour.

He is also completely open to fitting in with individuals.

Having developed meals for clients following specific plans (ie Paleo or Keto diets).

He has also developed meals to suit individual medical restrictions (ie Celiac Disease or Diabetic).

Plus, if you simply have a favourite type of food that is not covered in the menu, he is open to listening to what you need and developing recipes accordingly.

The other issue with meal prep options, as with online food shopping, is you must wait in for the deliveries. And that usually means a time slot rather than a fixed time and removes freedom for change on that day.

In order to combat this and remove the excuse of not having time to get to the gym for our members, we suggested to Skrann73 that we could set up as a pick up point in the area. Allowing meals to be collected at a time that suits you.

The biggest objection to this option is often cost.

It can appear more expensive than making your own food.

However, because these companies buy in bulk, often they will source the ingredients at a lower price than you. And if you add up the cost of all the ingredients you buy each week and take into account waste and spoilage, there is probably very little difference.

I’d suggest you might be around £1 per meal worse off as a result.

However, now you don’t have to spend the time planning those meals, shopping for the exact quantity of ingredients, nor do you need any prep time. You’ll save on the utility costs of cooking the meals (it’s often under looked how much it costs to put an oven on for 30-40mins).

So, in total you could be saving 5-10hrs per week for a cost of £5-10 extra. At £1 per hour of your time saved, I’d suggest there are things you could likely do with that time that are either worth more than that or could earn you a lot more than that.

And to make it even more palatable, if you do order from Skrann73 and use the code DCS10, you will receive 10% off your first order, which probably negates the additional cost entirely, whilst still saving you money.


Most delivery times are in the evening (currently Monday, Wednesday & Friday). If you want your meals for a week to start on Monday, earlier in the day, you can break down your order/ delivery. So, order your Monday – Wednesday meals for delivery on the previous Friday and then the remainder to be delivered on the Wednesday.

Make it work for you. If you feel you are going off the food choices available, contact the company to request additions to the menu.

Remember to use the code DCS10 and get your discount.

Now what is your excuse?

Given everything above and the resources available, if you still feel it is impossible to, at least, improve your nutritional approach, then you should have a read at these 41 excuses to check you are not using one of them.

Sometimes priorities must put your focus in places other than yourself. But do that for too long and your value to those you are giving your time and effort to will diminish as your health and energy worsens.

Your health and well-being is your greatest asset. Without it, nothing else can flourish.

Put yourself first but do it one step at a time.

Whatever route is the easiest to fit into your current lifestyle, start there.

You can always improve as you go on.

And as your health and energy levels improve, you will be better primed to implement even more.

Rather, take the time you need to prepare. Just, don’t use that as an excuse to procrastinate.

You only need to give yourself an hour or so to get your mind in the right place. Maybe a day to do some research into the ‘how’ element. Then another hour or two putting it all together.

Hopefully with that behind you, this year will be the year where you make real, life changing, resolutions.

Ones that you will stick to and follow through on.

After all, you will have a detailed plan and if you stick to the plan, how can you fail?

I wish you every success

Eating Healthy with a Busy Schedule
Eating Healthy
with a busy schedule by Mark Tiffney

Are you ready?

Now you have the tools at your disposal, which is the starting point you are going to take action with?

Click on the one that best suits you right now and get started:

If you have any other routes to offer, please post them in the comments below and help others find their ideal path to success.

Good eating and good health.