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Hot Deals

Fitness ‘solutions’ are frustrating!

Everything looks good until you buy it and then realize it’s just another false promise that under-delivers.

Our goal is to consistently remove the frustrations from fitness and deliver a stress free path to success. And, whilst we aim to offer amazing value throughout, if we can offer a route to overcoming the obstacle of taking positive action in a way that benefits you, we’ll do it.

Often cheap is a waste of money, but with these offers, we are aiming to find ways to keep the value and still reduce the financial side of the equation.

August Deal | Save £35 on Group Training Sessions

***Plus a Free 30min Sports Massage (Usually £20)***

Classes & Group Training Sessions always look good from the outside. But the truth is, they are generic, never take into account your specific needs and so, the long-term results are never great.

Training as part of a small group can be motivational, but when the group size gets too big, you just become a number in the crowd and any ability to correct your form or make you feel like part of the group goes out the window.

Most classes are based around a CD and a pre-set workout, outdoor bootcamps need to be set up in advance with no extra equipment on hand to adapt things if you need it changed. So, it’s impossible to tailor the workouts to you as an individual. You may get sweaty, but are you progressing?

If you are going to put in the effort, you want to see results and that’s why our group sessions do not have preset formats. We tailor everything to the people in attendance to ensure you get the absolute maximum out of the effort you are putting in.

However, we also find that, at this time of year, as it starts to move into darker evenings (yes the nights are ‘fair drawin in’) that motivation to head to the gym can wain.

Our conditioning sessions are already amazing value, at less than £9 per week for access to 10 sessions. But, we want to build in an incentive to start now and keep the value coming to keep you from quitting when the cold and dark days hit.

Sign up in August and we will discount your membership every month from October through to January by an additional £3.50 per month. 

That means, over a 4 month period you will save £35 (which is the equivalent to 4 week’s of your membership), with the cheapest two months being December and January (the time when you tend to have the least money due to other expenses). 

Plus you will receive a free 30min sports massage with our in house therapist worth £20 – bringing your total saving to £55.

This is only available until August 31st, you must be signed up before then to apply.

Plus, we have a members only deal this month too, which, by signing up early, means you will be eligible for that too (see below)

What's The Catch?

There isn't one

You are not committed to stick with this for the duration.

As with all memberships, you are only required to give 30 days notice to cancel, so if you don’t like it just drop off.

We are more interested in seeing you succeed than anything else. History has taught us that people do drop away in December and then, whilst they say they’ll start back in January, often it’s February before that kicks in. So, we are looking to ensure you have no financial reason to drop away and because you still have a membership, you’ll want to make use of it, even if it’s a little less (while you fit in things like Christmas & New Year).

There’s no point in doing that when you are in that ‘give up’ mindset. So, as the summer is starting to fade and we head back into the darker months, we want to push for it while your energy is still high. And by tapering from this point, our big costs (singing up and transaction fees etc) are covered in the first few months. So, whilst we may not be making a profit as we drop the price thereafter, we are not at a loss either.

And your success is our win!

To receive this deal we cannot accept online payments as we have to set up the monthly discounts manually. Click below to arrange a time to come in and sign up to a Direct Debit and make your initial, pro-rata, payment.

Alternatively, just book in for an individual session for £6 by clicking here & selecting that option, then you can either join before the session (& we’ll discount the cost of the session) or evaluate first and join after. 

“My journey so far has been a combo of changed diet, DCS and Dedication.”


Spaces are limited
Must Be Signed Up By August 31st to Qualify


Our regular monthly cost works out at only £8.75 per week. That’s less than 90 pence per available session.

With this offer, between September and January, the session cost would drop even further, to an equivalent of less than 72 pence per session.

You pay via via Direct Debit (come in and set up on arrival – first payment is paid on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of time between joining and the next Direct Debit payment).

There really is no more to it than that. Sign up, book in for your first session and get along.

If you’d like to try one session before deciding, you can simply pay £6 for an individual session. This is still amazing value, but obviously not quite in the same league as the deal. Even if you only managed to attend 2 sessions per week, with this deal, you’ll still be saving over £21 per month versus the PAYG price.

PLUS when you sign up to this, you’ll receive a free 30min sports massage with our in house sports therapist (usual cost £20). If you ever needed an incentive to get moving, you are unlikely to get better than this.

Any Questions? Use the contact form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

When you come in for the consultation, feel free to ask any questions you may have. You are still not obliged to sign up and, if you don’t feel it is for you, walk away with no pressure.

“Having abs and fitting in smaller clothes is almost a side effect. The real prize is the health benefits. I read yesterday that change happens when the fear of staying the same outweighs the fear of change. For me, this was so true. Huge thankyou to Mark Tiffney, owner of Dynamic core studios and trainer extraordinaire”


Member Offer | Introduce a Friend & Receive a Free PT Session

Through August we are also going to reward any members who introduce a new member.

Whether to this deal or as a Dynamic Gym Member, a Premium Member or a Personal Training Client.

If that client signs up and stays with us into a 2nd month, you will receive a free one to one personal training session.

One session per introduction, so bring along 4 friends and you could be getting a session per week for a month.

This also means anyone signing up to the above deal, once you are a member, you are then eligible for this offer.

Just be sure to hit the deadline. Once we hit October the offer will be gone.

Any Questions? Get in touch

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