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Hot Deals

We are not big fans of ‘discounts’ as we are very much focused more on quality and value than being the cheapest. 

However, we also understand that, sometimes it can take a little nudge to move you from ‘wanting’ to ‘acting’ and as we believe our services are always in the best interests of our clients and members, we are going to aim to add in some incentives each month to encourage more people to take that first step and understand the value of our service to improving your life.

July Deal | 50% More Personal Training

No Extra Cost

Signing up with a Personal Trainer is a big ask. You are putting a lot of faith and a big investment in the hands of someone you have, most likely, just met.

And many people see it as an all or nothing process (paying for 3 or 4 sessions per week is maybe a scary investment level, but 2 sessions seems like a waste of time).

Right now, we have a number of people on their summer holidays and it has opened up some space and so we want to use that to encourage you to do more without paying for more.

Therefore, for the month of July, if you sign up to personal training, regardless of the trainer you work with, you will receive an additional 50%* training based on your first payment.

Sign up for 2 sessions per week and pay for your first month and you will receive 3 sessions per week for the month.

Sign up for 3 sessions per week and receive an additional 6 sessions through the month.

However, if you sign up and pay for 2 months in advance, you will receive this level for the full 2 months. Pay for 3 months and the same applies.

Whatever you pay for in your initial payment, you will receive an additional 50%* on the number of sessions you receive.

The only catch is, whilst you can cancel and bank sessions usually (if you go on holiday etc) and that will still apply for the sessions you officially sign up to, the extra sessions must be used within the month they are assigned to and will not carry forward. But, you’re not paying for them anyway, so you’re not losing anything, only gaining if you take them.

Alternatively, use the contact form at the bottom of the page to ask any further questions and arrange a time.


This offer applies to training with any of the PTs at DCS.

However, it is important to understand that, what we constitute as Personal Training is possibly not the same as you are used to.

If you want to know more about what separates us from the crowd when it comes to Personal Training, go to our Personal Training Services Page for more.

This offer only applies to clients taking on 2 sessions per week or more (which would then be converted into 3 sessions per week). If you don’t feel you need this level of input and would only need one PT session per week, please check out our Premium Member Package, which involves so much more than just that one session, but at an incredible price.

Depending on which trainer you work with and how you choose to set it up, it could mean a cost of below £18.50 per session.

Given the industry average (outside London) is £40-50 and most of the trainers making up that average are working form crowded facilities with no support from the rest of the team, this is an absolute steal.

*Although sessions can be ‘banked’ for future use if they have to be missed for any reason (holiday, work commitments etc), the additional sessions must be taken within the month of purchase. If 2 months are paid in advance and therefore the additional sessions apply to both, then the additional sessions must be taken within that time (and after the paid sessions). However, any paid sessions missed can still be banked into the next month and beyond.

You are not obliged to continue beyond the first month, though you should give us notice that you will not be continuing and if you do continue, the amount will stay the same, just minus the additional sessions going forward.

Our goal here is to give you something exceptional in value, but without the worry of a scary initial investment and demonstrate the value of this service.

So, you now have one less excuse to get moving and making progress.

Just keep in mind, this is a ‘personal’ service. Therefore, there is a limit to how many people we can accept on this and it only applies to any payment made by a new client before the end of July. To arrange that, you will have to have been in for a consultation, completed a health and safety questionnaire (along with a lifestyle evaluation and goal setting form) and if you leave this until late in the month, there may be no spaces remaining for the consultation.

Therefore, act fast and book your consultation now.

Any Questions? Get in touch

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