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Hot Deals

Fitness ‘solutions’ are frustrating!

Everything looks good until you buy it and then realize it’s just another false promise that under-delivers.

Our goal is to consistently remove the frustrations from fitness and deliver a stress free path to success. And, whilst we aim to offer amazing value throughout, if we can offer a route to overcoming the obstacle of taking positive action in a way that benefits you, we’ll do it.

Often cheap is a waste of money, but with these offers, we are aiming to find ways to keep the value and still reduce the financial side of the equation.

“I’m really happy with the results. I was happy even before seeing the figures as I could feel and see the difference myself.”


Sign Up in November & Save £60 (Each)

Available to existing members and non-members alike

Our facility was designed to remove frustrations and obstacles and create a stress free route to fitness success. 

We are completely unique in our model.

If you’ve ever been in a gym and been frustrated because you couldn’t get space, a piece of equipment or help with your form, programme or advice on how to approach things like nutrition, then you’ll truly understand the value of our service.

But, some of our higher end memberships can seem expensive compared to the many budget gyms spreading around Glasgow and it’s outskirts. And to ensure the value and focus remains high, it’s impossible to be “cheap”, nor would it work (We can’t keep the gym floor borderline empty at all times and charge less than it costs to turn the lights on at the same time).

That said, none of our gym only memberships cost more than £1.95 per day, so it’s hardly ‘expensive’.

But, as it’s almost Christmas, we thought we’d add a little extra something to the pot.

If you introduce a friend in the month of November, both of you will receive £5 off your monthly payments for a full year (so long as you both remain members at a Dynamic level or higher).

That’s a £60 saving each across the year.

What's The Catch?

There isn't one

The value is always high anyway

Even without this deal it’s incredible value, based on what you have at your disposal with it.

However, when it’s dark and cold, having someone else to go to the gym with and keep you accountable can make all the difference between turning up and putting it off until tomorrow.

If we can encourage that to happen by getting a ‘buddy’ along for the ride, you get better results and, as such, we benefit by seeing our efforts being worthwhile.

Your success is our win!

How do you get the deal?

If you are a member, just bring a friend along and sign them up, simple as that.

If you are not a member but have a friend you want to bring with you so you both get the deal, just click the button below and book a ‘tour and consultation’ and come in to find out if we are, indeed, a good fit for you. And if so, if you both sign up, you both get the discount.

“My journey so far has been a combo of changed diet, DCS and Dedication.”


Spaces are limited
Must Be Purchased in November to Qualify

“Having abs and fitting in smaller clothes is almost a side effect. The real prize is the health benefits. I read yesterday that change happens when the fear of staying the same outweighs the fear of change. For me, this was so true. Huge thankyou to Mark Tiffney, owner of Dynamic core studios and trainer extraordinaire”


Finish 2018 for just £79

It doesn’t matter which day you take this, the end date is the same. So the sooner you act, the better the deal.

How about committing to one big push to end the year with a bang?

Right now you can pay to access every group session remaining this year for just £79.

How good a deal that is depends on how quickly you act.

However, it is just one fee. There is no commitment to stay beyond the end of the year and no recurring payment to cancel.

But every day you wait, the value drops a little.

Act fast, grab it now and get booked in for the next available session and launch yourself into 2019 in amazing shape and with an abundance of energy.

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Our 30 day guide is not an "Eat these meals, lose this weight" diet approach. Rather it is a complete over view starting with a 2 day preparation phase followed by a 4 week holiday for your hormonal functions. Giving your system a rest in order to function at its peak.

And what does that meant?

No matter what your goals - fat burning; muscle building; increased energy; added strength - these will all be much more achievable because your body's systems will be operating at a higher level.