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James Corbett

Everyone has their “thing”, something which they are good at, that they pride themselves at the level at which they can perform. What if you could do something that made YOUR “thing” better?

Well that is barbell training. Being stronger makes your better at every physical task you can undertake.

So, allow us to introduce James. He is looking to get everyone as strong as they need to be for life and all the challenges that it presents. After that, well who knows how strong you could get with his help!

He is an Engineering Graduate who has recently changed career paths into the arena of strength and fitness coaching. With over 10 years of personal experience in the weight room and even longer with sports specific coaching, James has a well-rounded knowledge of training for specific goals and general strength and conditioning.

So, whether you are looking to develop your full athletic potential or just lose some weight and get stronger, James is the coach you have been waiting for. And he’ll make sure it is a fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

With a background in Physics and Engineering James has a keen idea for detail and technique. With a focus on applying the “scientific method” to each session and program.

He has also worked, for many years, as Head Coach for University of Strathclyde Basketball Club and as a squad member of Ayrshire Tornadoes Basketball Club.

So, if you want to be coached by an enthusiastic, engaged and driven individual then look no further, you’ve got your guy!  

Book a consultation with James and start the first step on a journey that will change you completely!

James Has Worked With

“James really helps push me to my maximum potential, and he keeps me motivated throughout a session.

~Drew Clayton


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