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Scott McDonald

Scott started his fitness journey about seven years ago, through the familiar route of a few of his friends joining a gym. As a total beginner with no sense of direction or purpose, there was no structure or goal in mind.  And with a monthly membership costing the same as a night out in pubs and clubs, which was (and still is for most other people his age) the main focus of his down time.

Earlier in his career, at 18, Scott attended Glasgow University to study English Language and Theatre Studies. He did this purely because he thought it was the natural progression after high school rather than any deep rooted interest or passion and after the first year realized it was time to leave.

Throughout his time at other large chain gyms just outwith Glasgow city center his interest in a fit and healthy lifestyle began to grow and evolve.

“As a result of this new found drive I became increasingly aware of a number of issues in these facilities that I questioned and did not agree with. This included general disinterest from gym staff and so-called ‘personal trainers’, major overcrowding at peak times, the all too common incidents of six guys all talking around one bench for half an hour, and people chilling out at the squat rack to text their mates etc.”

He also started to become aware of the issues that Personal Trainers faced in attempting to provide a high level service whilst conforming to the model that the corporate facilities enforced on them.

“It seems to be the case that in the fitness industry that the focus is on taking your money than anything else. At the end of the day it is a lucrative business (who doesn’t say they want to get fit?) but from what I have gathered the aim is to get as many people into the gym as possible, all based around profit and nothing more.”

Having been a member of DCS for over 2 years though, Scott seems to have found what he was looking for in a training facility.

“I applaud the business model of DCS which has eradicated the problems I have faced in the past. Almost like a ‘by the gym, for the gym’ attitude which I completely agree with.”

Scott’s commitment to helping others stems from an ever-increasing realization about the average person’s lifestyle in our current day and age. He works in a call center and describes it as a “prime example of how unhealthy a job can be to someone’s general well-being”. The sedentary nature of the job, coupled with the lack of any food available at lunch times, but over-abundance of soft drinks, crisps and chocolate in vending machines results in a poor diet of staff.

“Correct diet along with regular exercise is nothing but beneficial to anyone’s life, both physically and mentally. Sick days caused by both types of health issues would be reduced, with an added boost in morale.”

Scott believes that fitness is something that should ultimately be enjoyable and not a chore.

“Having fun is essential, because if you aren’t, you will likely become quickly disinterested and may have an adverse effect in what you may be trying to achieve.

As part of the internship program I intend to gain as much knowledge as possible in order to have the ability to meet the health, fitness and general well-being goals of anyone I will have the pleasure of working with. At present I believe that I would be adept at adding a great deal of strength and muscle to individuals with difficulty putting on weight, i.e. those with an ectomoprhic body type, something I can relate to and draw from personal experience.”

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