Project Description

Body Composition Testing

There is no such thing as failure, there is only new information to learn from and continue.

If your goal is related to changing the composition of your body, be it losing fat; increasing muscle; improving your waist to chest ratio, waist to hip ratio or whatever, the only way to truly make progress is to measure these things and make adjustments based on that information.

If you work with this feedback loop you will ALWAYS find the path to success. If you do not measure and respond then you are simply guessing.


Our body composition analysis and reports measure the elements that are important to you. We measure your blood pressure, circumference of target areas (such as waist, hips, chest, upper arms, calves etc) and take skin fold measurements. From this we will then calculate your body fat percentage and create a report.

The report will include advice and suggestions. Included here will be calorie intake suggestions to optimise success depending on your target; short medium and long-term expectations that would be realistic to aim for; optimised water intake requirements for best success and anything else that seems relevant, for example, blood pressure issues and how to deal with them.

On any follow up measurements then, we would calculate how your progress is working for you. If you are progressing as planned, all good. If not, we will suggest how to manipulate your approach to get you on track or any issues (such as hormonal imbalances) that may be holding you back. 

I’ve just had the body comp done and it is excellent. The report highlighted things which I didn’t know before.
Neil Denham