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This is our basic PAYG option to use the facility with no deposit, direct debit or recurring payment required.

This option is here for anyone who may be in the area on holiday; someone who only wants to use the facility very occasionally or for those who will use the gym semi-frequently (once or twice per week) but in a group of two or three.

This option does not allow for advanced booking, no access fob is handed out and there are no discounts on supplements etc. However, it does allow access to the gym as without the need for any monthly fees.

This is essentially a pay as you go option and simply requires the you to pay for each session in the gym individually and is ideal for those who are unsure about how often they will use the gym, those who will regularly train once or sometimes twice per week or those training as part of a group regularly up to twice per week.

The cost of each session is for the session not the person. So if you are training as a duo or a trio and you are working in with one another, you split the cost.

The PAYG cost is £12 for an hour (if you drift over the hour and we are not fully booked, that is no problem and there is no additional charge), so if there are 3 of you training at once it would cost you £4 per person, this is also true if a member brought in 2 guests (a full member would pay nothing and each guest would pay £4).

However, if you are training on your own and use the facility more than twice per month, you would be cheaper taking out one of the memberships. (Click on one of the buttons below to review them).

Or check out our other membership options:

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