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Position Available (with new financial incentives)

Exciting New Opportunity

The frustration of trying to carve out a career as a personal trainer is very real.
And the industry is not set up to help you get where you feel you want to go.
I’m sure your goal was to inspire, enthuse and change the lives of those you work with for the better. And it seemed so easy from the outside.
But the reality is often less exciting.
Most trainers (and you may be one of them) start believing they are building a career. Eventually, though, they realize they are just working another kind of job. A job that has little to no fixed income. A job with, often, very unsociable hours. And a job that often has overheads that are not guaranteed to be covered by your monthly income.
The grind of covering rental payments by ‘hustling’ to get new clients becomes all consuming. And the idea of that career with all sorts of opportunities gets forgotten.
If you are one of these trainers. If you feel your skills, enthusiasm and passion are going to waste. Then we want to hear from you.


We Have Space For You to Grow

Our facility was set up to ensure PTs could flourish.
Never queue for equipment. Have masses of space and high end equipment at your disposal. And ensure your message has a platform to be heard.
I will continue to argue that trainers should look to enter the profession with a financial safety net. You must assume you will not earn anything for a few months.
If you are panicking because you NEED a large income from day one, that is no basis for a future. 
Reputations and trust has to be earned first. If you don’t have a strong reputation, huge word of mouth and testimonials and a strong network to call on from day one, then just showing up is not a route to success. And then panicking to pick up any and every client possible (rather than the ones you can give the most help to) is only going to lead to misery in the long run.
The benefits of joining us include:
  • You’ll be joining a team – Rather than being just another trainer on the gym floor, with all other trainers being ‘competition’, we work in the best interests of the clients and members. Everyone is encouraged to promote and support everyone else. That way everyone wins.
  • No monthly outlay – because you don’t have to pay rent, there are no added stresses. We can’t control your external bills and financial obligations, but we can be sure not to add to them.
  • A large platform to shout from – with over 10,000 followers across our social media platforms, a growing email list & a website with between 3000 & 7000 hits per month, we can be sure to help your message be heard.
  • Use of the facility – It goes without saying, you can use the gym. But, where in other gyms, you may be squeezed for space and fighting along with the crowd, that’s not he case here. However, we also have additional resources. A kitchen for cooking and storing food. Video and audio equipment (including lighting & green screens etc) along with editing software. Image editing software. Software for presentations, slideshows and so on. All available to use for building your reputation.
  • Paid marketing – If you create something worth marketing, we’ll pay to market your stuff. You can obviously market yourself too. But we only benefit if you are successful. So we will promote, wherever possible, anything that looks worthwhile.
 All these benefits should be more than enough. 
But we do understand that, sometimes when you start somewhere new, there is pressure to guarantee some level of income. If for no other reason than to cover travel expenses and to feel you are getting something from your time.

To ease the pressure, we now have added further routes to earning an income (beyond one to one clients).

  1. We now have a profit sharing scheme. If you help us raise and maintain our member levels to certain levels, you will earn a share of the profits. Done well, this could boost your income by thousands. And it means, when someone is looking for your advice, you don’t have to think you must convince them to work one on one with you. You can suggest the best route for them to succeed. And even if that doesn’t involve you, it could still benefit you financially.
  2. We are offering paid hours for the first time in our history.
We have, in the past, paid for admin services and managerial services. But we have never paid Personal Trainers to work in the gym.
Our feeling has always been, this is your gym, your calling card and you should want to help maximize it.
Plus, you have full use of the facilities to create promotional content.
How much would you pay to hire a high definition camera, microphone & digital recorder?
How much would you pay for high end video editing software?
What would it cost to hire a studio to shoot videos or record audio?
How much would you pay in advertising to reach a targeted audience of over 10,000 people?
You get all this, a kitchen with utilities and, of course, use of the gym.
All this, plus our profit sharing scheme and paid PT sessions should be enough.
But, for one trainer, we are going to look to improve things further.

We will offer to pay you for up to 12hrs per week.

Ensuring that, not only do you have no costs. Not only do you have full use of the facility and resources.

But you can ensure you hit over £100 per week while you are building your client base.

Is this a huge income? No!
But again, if you are seeing this as a job, you are not the career and reputation driven trainer we are looking for.
This is an extra layer to your safety net, that is all.
It is to remove the stress of finding an instant client base.
As you build your client base we’ll remove some of the hours (so long as you are earning more than we are cutting).

In Short

The advantages of joining us:
  • No monthly rent
  • Full facility resources available for brand building
  • An exiting online audience and high traffic website to host your content and promote you.
  • A profit sharing set-up to ensure you profit from a growing member & client base.
  • PT clients passed on via our marketing and promotion
  • Pay level for training clients increases with your experience level. (An ultimate target of £50K per year from around 25 sessions per week + bonuses)
  • An entry level offer of up to 12 paid hours per week. To limit short-term stress from cash-flow as you look to fill your diary.


If this is of interest and you’d like to know more, or discuss further, please get in touch.


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