Kieron Fisher

From sports performance, strength training, mobility issues and body re-composition Kieron has a wide range of skills to help you meet your goals.

Graduating from the University of Glasgow with a Ba in Philosophy and Classics, Kieron has since worked in IT but his real passion remained training. Spending most of free time writing programmes and training friends and family for free he decided to make this passion a career. He undertook his personal training qualification through DCS and thought it was the best place to train clients, in a way that could not be done in large chain facilities.

With a background in sports ranging from rugby through school to American football at university and now as a competitive powerlifter he has a wide range of experience in sports specific training.

Pursuing a specialization in low back pain and mobility issues he aims to improve his clients overall body and movement not solely in a sporting environment but in general where it is all too common for people to suffer pain and restrictions that imped their careers or everyday life.

He views training as something which should not merely make you look better but move better and perform better in every aspect of your life. As such he does not view training clients as simply going through a set of exercises in the gym each week, but holistically and how everything from diet to sleep and thought patterns can be improved to help you reach whatever goals you have for yourself.

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