Covid-19 Restrictions - Update

Due to Continued Restrictions Dynamic Core Solutions Gym has closed Permanently

Personal Training continues to be available to a small number of clients

Current restrictions prevent any form of physical interaction. Therefore all sessions are carried out digitally.

As restrictions ease, portable sessions will become available, most likely outdoors under cover of a canopy (in your garden or nearby park). Equipment provided. In home training also possible if appropriate (and restrictions allow).

Number of client spaces are EXTREMELY limited and require a consultation (digitally for now) to ensure compatibility.

Personal Training

“The level of Personal Training at DCS versus other gyms in Glasgow is incomparable”

You are an individual, with specific needs, restrictions, imbalances and barriers that may be holding you back. And by engaging an expert, the goal is to address those unique problems. Not just train you hard and make you sweat.

If you truly want to make progress, then there is a big difference between working with an experienced coach and a PT with a certificate.

Life is Stressful Enough

How much time have you wasted already saying you “need” to do something about your weight; or you “need” to start working on your fitness?

How many times are you going to say you’ll start…

  • Next week
  • When this work project is finished
  • When you’ve fixed your diet
  • When you have more energy
  • When you come back from holiday

How much more productive do you think you might have been had you done something to increase your energy levels; reduce pains and limitations in your body or had a stronger immune system (so fewer sick days)?

Looking after yourself is not a luxury, it is the foundation of everything good in your life.

If you limit yourself, you limit your impact on the world around you. And your lack of action may already be costing you a great deal.

Your time is precious. We completely understand that. So you should not be paying to give up your time with no guarantee of a return.
Therefore, if we work together and you don’t see improvements within 3 months, your investment will be returned in full.
So there is no risk, only reward – Guaranteed!

Take Back Control

At DCS, we know that you want to feel in control of your body. Comfortable; confident and unrestricted in living your life the way you envisage it and to your fullest potential.

To do that, you need to feel confident in your choices; to improve your habits; and to have a clear path to a successful outcome.

The problem is you have enough on your plate already. You have likely tried several approaches, and nothing seems to stick.

Plus, you have enough on your plate to deal with already. Which makes you feel frustrated and dejected.

We believe you shouldn’t ever have to feel this way.

We understand ho wit feels to have the drive to change but to keep hitting obstacles that put you back to square one.

That’s why we ensure all your circumstances, limitations and frustrations are considered in tailoring a plan that will work for you.

We work WITH you to create a comfortable, collaborative path that will transform you into the version of yourself that you long to become.

Here’s How it Works

Our Approach

“I have discovered my strengths and weaknesses, and feel I have slowly improved on both. Knowing I am being healthy and taking care of myself makes me realise why it is worth it, I now have new goals set for my future. Can’t thank you enough, Mark!”
Rhea Forsyth


Boost your confidence

Whether building a business or going through a rough patch, even the smallest fitness win can help you gain the confidence to achieve larger goals in your business life. Achieving improvements in the gym can be fairly straightforward, but infectious. Add to that improved body image and watch your confidence skyrocket.

Reduce Stress

Physical activity reduces stress hormones and increases the production of endorphins giving you a natural high. Working out can allow you to approach your work with a calmer mindset.

Improve Your Energy

A 2008 study published in the Journal Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics concluded that inactive individuals who normally complained of fatigue experienced increases in energy of up to 20 percent and decreased fatigue as much as 65 percent by participating in regular exercise.

Fewer Sick Days

Do you find that when stressed, you power through and achieve amazing things, but when you finally relax you suddenly get ill? Your body is an amazing machine and will cope with most things. But, at some point, it has to recover. Exercise trains your body to recover more efficiently; boosts your immune system and gives you an outlet to dump some of that toxic stress before your body overloads. If you don’t find time to exercise, you will have to make time for illness. Prevention is always better than a cure.

Regain Control

Watch a child focusing on a floor activity. They’ll sit in a perfect squat position for hours because it is what their body is designed to do. Adults develop bad habits and posture through sitting at desks, in cars and on couches. You should not be restricted by the fact you don’t have the physical capability to move correctly. And you shouldn’t be consuming unhealthy foods because you can’t stop yourself. Well coached exercises, nutritional and psychological information can help you regain control of your habits and your body ensuring YOU make the decisions rather than habit or limitations making them for you

Let Go Of Control

Sometimes it feels like you have to do everything. But with that comes an abundance of stress. When you work with a good trainer you’re acquiescing to someone else, accepting that you’re going to let them direct you to some degree. Entrusting someone helps enforce that you don’t have to do it all on your own in other areas of life and it allows you to switch off and release stress as the focus is all on you.


Mark Tiffney

Mark Tiffney

Lead Coach and Owner

Specialises in helping business professionals & entrepreneurs
Focusing on improved body function, self-image, increased energy & body sculpting

Coach Heinrich Personal Trainer Glasgow

Heinrich V.D. Mescht

Heinrich V.D. Mescht

Head Personal Trainer

Works mainly with clients in the 50+ category. Focusing on building confidence; reduced risk of injury; overcoming frustrations and focused goal setting.



Are You a Personal Trainer?

Looking for a Facility to Showcase Your Best Talents?

Get In Touch



Are You a Personal Trainer?

Looking for a Facility to Showcase Your Best Talents?

Get In Touch

Are you a Personal Trainer who is interested in joining our team? 

“I have gained 7.3lbs of pure muscle in about a month and a half … this guy is phenomenal! I am truly a lucky guy to have met coach Mark. He is one of the most trusting, trustworthy, knowledgeable, hard working and caring people I have met.“


Are you willing to fight for your most important asset?

Service Comparison

Split PT
Banks of
CV Equipment
Large Selection
of Equipment
High End
Niche Equipment
Outdoor Training
with Equipment
Safety & Heigine
(Covid 19)
Sanitation Measures
on Arrival
Controlled Zoning &
Personal Sanitation

Individual Training
Over 1000sq.ft

Equipment Personally
Prepared & Sanitised
Prior to Arrival

Individual Access
to Changing Rooms
& Showers

Benefits/ Value
Full Assessment
& Analysis of
Mobility & Posture

Structured Long-Term
Training Plan

Online Personal Files
For Continued Support

Contact & Support
Outwith Sessions

Body Composition
& Tracking

Nutrition & Lifestyle
Coaching & Support

Technique &
Assessed at
Every Session

Goals & Targets
Periodically Reviewed

Session Times
Arranged to Suit

Continued Support
from Highly Experienced
Personal Trainers

Frequently Asked Questions

Our training facility may be an extremely functional 5000Sq.ft making it so much more useful than a standard Personal Training ‘room’. But it has extremely limited access ensuring that there are only a handful of people on the premises at any one time and often you would have the place to yourself.

This is 100% not true and is just an excuse that your subconscious has built up. In fact, in 2012, we proved it by running a competition with a sport and fitness magazine inviting people who had ‘tried everything’ to enter and Mark would train them for 4 months. The result was, 3 girls who had ‘tried everything’ ended up in magazine level shape and all 3 of them were featured in the magazine, with one on the cover.

Honestly I understand, you have a life to live and there are many urgent and pressing demands on your time.

I know exactly what it is like to ‘not have time’ and my job is to work with you to manage that. But think about the last time you were on an airline flight. You are told that, ‘if cabin pressure drops, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling’ and to ‘ensure you put your own mask on before helping anyone else’. If you have children your instinct in the panic will still be to help your child first, but your logical mind, when there is no panic, knows that by looking after yourself first, you are better placed to help your child.

No matter what it is that is demanding of your time, protecting your most important asset, your health and fitness, by finding the time, is crucial to ensure you are still able to give to these other demands in the long run. We limit our client numbers for a reason. We are unwilling to compromise on the quality of the service. This isn’t a conveyor belt, it’s your health and well-being and we will work around your schedule to ensure you get the best possible service without adding undue stress.

Our goal is to ensure you don’t have added stress.

There are no shortcuts & there is always a price for success. And, as with all things in life, you get what you pay for. But that cost should feel like an investment not a burden.

As such, we will never recommend any level of service that is beyond your means. All we ask is for you to start your journey by being open and honest about it and we will work on a perfect solution to maximise your results without adding undue stress on your bank balance.

Then you get your entire fee back in full.

You are working with us to get a result and if we can’t deliver that result, all we’ve done is waste your time and you should not have to pay for that.

The only ‘catch’ is that you do your part. You will never be forced to do anything. No strict diets, no insane workouts, everything will be discussed and agreed in advance. All we ask, to guarantee your progress, is that you stick to anything we agree on as a solid plan for your progress.