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Careers In Fitness

Whether you are a fully qualified Personal Trainer looking for a high end facility to train your clients or looking to move into the industry by gaining qualifications, we can help.

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He is a fantastic Coach/Instructor as he has a wealth of knowledge and experience as this shines through his teaching!!
Mark always makes time for you and has a natural quality where he can put you at ease in that you can be yourself!
After every visit I always feel so inspired and great about myself. He really is showing people the way in this Industry! Thank you Mark.
Pauline Diack

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Our 30 day guide is not an "Eat these meals, lose this weight" diet approach. Rather it is a complete over view starting with a 2 day preparation phase followed by a 4 week holiday for your hormonal functions. Giving your system a rest in order to function at its peak.

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No matter what your goals - fat burning; muscle building; increased energy; added strength - these will all be much more achievable because your body's systems will be operating at a higher level.