Train with Passion & Focus – Get Results

Dynamic Core Studios because the standard gym model is to treat members as little more than numbers to be crammed in to the building and maximise the monthly payments

Our Ethos is to ensure you have all the tools you need to ensure you get maximum return for your efforts.

We achieve this through a series of 10 basic principles:

The equipment we have is of the highest level and diversity. From Olympic Level Bars and Bumper Plates to our 2 indoor sprint and prowler runs, we have worked hard to ensure that we have covered all necessary requirements when it comes to the optimal training requirements. And all of our equipment has been selected based on member feedback. So, regardless of your targets, from entirely physical to sports specific, we have it covered.

We don’t profess to know it all and we would never assume to have everything right. But by keeping out facility intimate and encouraging member feedback, we are able to ensure the best facility for our members & clients. So if there is a desire from our members for a change or a piece of equipment, we will ensure that need is met ASAP.

If you have an appointment, you make it a priority. If you had an important meeting scheduled at work, you wouldn’t cancel it just because you didn’t feel like it. So why, when it comes to your health and fitness, does the same often fail to apply? By booking in for a training session, you have made an appointment with yourself and a commitment to us to be there. So when you are making that decision to ‘just go home’ or if someone asks you to do something else, you are now accountable for your actions in doing so. In the long run, that is only going to help your results as well as your general health, fitness and well-being.

Our appointment system can sound off-putting or a hassle to some. But, in our entire existence, we have never had to turn anyone away due to being over booked and no one has ever stated, after using it for a short time, that it is frustrating. You can come in without appointment and we have never had that be an issue. But, what it has ensured is, no one has ever turned up to train to find it is too busy to do so and it has encouraged members to get amazing workouts when they may have otherwise skipped it.

Though it is not necessary to book in ahead of your training session, we very much encourage it. It shows a level of dedication that you don’t have by simply ‘winging it’. Many people decide at the start of the week that they are going to train every 2nd day (for example), but by mid-week that pattern has already failed to materialise and the enthusiasm to put it back on track has dwindled. But if you having the dedication to book in you are now ‘accountable’ (see 3) for your actions and are more likely to follow through.

On top of that, we will always be on hand to discuss your targets and goals to ensure you have a purpose to your training and targets to aim for.

Because we have a limited number of people using the facility at any time and we will help you focus your goals and form your workouts, you are never left hanging around waiting for equipment or not knowing what to do. That way you are able to maximise the potential of your time in the gym and get the best results possible from that time.

There is no point in having all this great equipment if you can’t get to use it. By limiting the number of members and, through the appointment system, limiting the number of people training at any given time, we are able to ensure that there is always sufficient space and variety of equipment to allow you to carry out the training session you had planned.

As the number of people in the gym is limited at any given time, it allows our staff and trainers more of a chance to get to know you, keep an eye on you, give you assistance if it is requested or needed and generally give you the level of support you need.

We have regular challenges and events throughout the year to give you something to work towards. These not only help encourage a sense of community (see 10) but give you something to focus your training towards and stop you from falling into a repetitive routine with nothing to drive for. They also give you something to break up your workouts so they don’t get stale and lacklustre.

The greatest reward you can have is to see your goals and targets achieved and that is always going to be our primary focus. But we also realize that some people need more than internal drivers and we want to encourage you to achieve wherever we can. Therefore,
we have consistently provided prizes for a variety of elements within the gym. From training through Christmas, events at our annual BBQ, pushing yourself in a group session or getting involved in our social media chats, we consistently surprise our members with prizes and rewards.

On top of that, we have also arranged member benefit packages to get you discounts with other companies that, in some cases, cause savings valuing more than several years of membership.

Whilst we are looking to encourage focus within the club (see 5), we do believe that training is a community activity. You may train alone, but if you have the backing or encouragement of others who are of a similar mind, you are more likely to succeed and the process will be much easier. We are therefore continually trying to promote that sense of community through the use of Social Networking (Our Facebook Page and Twitter feed) and interaction through this very website in the comments section of the articles in ‘the Core’. The intimacy of the facility should make it easier to get to know your fellow members and the events and challenges (see 8). Plus, events such as our annual BBQ, our Ready Freddie Go sessions, paint-ball days, coupled with our closed members Facebook group, all allow for an extremely friendly and supportive community spirit.

We therefore hope that our principles and vision resonates with you and that you would consider becoming part of our community and helping us develop the best training experience and results in the country.

There is one other principle that we live by – It is OK to be yourself, just be your BEST self!

Join us in our Pursuit of the Ultimate Physique and Fitness Levels at Dynamic Core Studios.