Heinrich Van Der Mescht

Head Personal Trainer

Van Der Mescht

Head Personal Trainer

Heinrich is the go-to expert for those who feel they have lost control of their approach to well-being and are inhibited by their bodies rather than being in control of it.

In working with you to develop a deeper understanding of how your choices affect your progress, structure and physique, Heinrich will guide you to a lifestyle routine that is both well balanced and sustainable.

If everything around you is inconsistent and you feel you just can’t get into a lifestyle routine that is well balanced and sustainable, Heinrich is the ideal guide to get you on the right path.

The results are the removal of previous pains and restrictions in movement; improved posture; strength gains; fat loss and a greater view of what is possible.

 “We all have individual problems, aches, pains and just plain old stresses. I would like to help you deal with all of that”

Heinrich has been helping clients as a personal trainer for over 10 years. He is also a CHEK holistic lifestyle coach. Giving him both the knowledge and experience to ensure he delivers a service that is hard to rival.

His personal journey has been far from straight forward.

From being bullied at school, working through body image issues and bouts of depression, his early years saw him searching not just to improve his physical image but his performance in the gym.

“It wasn’t until the day I was diagnosed with appendicular cancer where I truly realised that the route, I was following was not just plain stupid, but very careless. I needed to change my outlook on life. How I treated people, my relationships and even my thought processes”.

Since that day in the surgeon’s office where he was given the news “your biopsy report came back and we found a tumour on your appendix” he believes his life changed for the better.

“I removed myself from the life I was living and, with the support of my girlfriend (now wife) and the rest of my family, I got back up from being down and depressed and got to work changing the way I do and see every aspect of my life”.

Holisitc lifestyle coaching changed a lot of things for Heinrich both in his personal life and in his approach to helping the clients he has worked with.

“It has helped me understand that there is much more to life as well as training approaches”.

Added with his years of experience in postural work, biomechanics, muscle activation techniques and his own training with an emphasis on improved quality of life, he has found an amplified passion for helping others understand their own bodies. Helping find the answer to what works for them personally and what doesn’t.

“My passion is to teach you that there is more to training than just walking onto the gym floor and following a random training program. We are all unique individuals and it is critical to keep that in mind when exploring training concepts”.

Heinrich will always ensure to find out more about you as a persona and your current lifestyle. Not just your diet and training approaches, but what stresses you out, how you are coping, what makes you happy etc.

He will then work with you to make essential diet and lifestyle changes. Ensuring you understand the relationship between foundational health principles and body-mind stress.

With everything tailored to you and a constant dialogue being filtered through Heinrichs wealth of knowledge and experience, improvements are inevitable.

If you’d like to meet up with Heinrich or ask for more information from him directly, use the contact form below to send a message straight to his inbox.

Heinrich is our head trainer for a reason.

If you are looking for high value, high quality improvements, then you should consider getting in touch.

Heinrich Has Worked With

Carina training under the direction of Heinrich

“I noticed that I needed to see my chiropractor less and less and in 2019 I did not need to go at all! I feel that I move better, have greater posture, stamina and strength. I will be forever grateful to Heinrich for showing me to train the right way

~Carina Everson

Heinrich has helped me to embrace new challenges and has pushed my personal fitness and strength many times. I feel more confident and able to train better and smarter…

Heinrich is more than a personal trainer, he is a great training partner and encourages you to push your best, whilst remaining professional and friendly.

Absolutely the best trainer I have ever had the privilege to train with.

~Robbyn Mattei

Robbyn Mattei


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