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Coach Mark Tiffney

I’ve been through it all! Skinny to Obese; Insomnia; Depression & Working in a stressful professional industry. But, along the way, I’ve learned a few things. I now run a gym, train clients & mentor fitness professionals. However, my main goal is always to give those with the drive for change the tools to be successful without the gimmicky nonsense that usually comes in the form of a ‘solution’.

Any decision to make changes should feel good at the time, not just at the end.

I’ve always had one overarching view of life. We are all lucky to have been given this experience of living and if we all strive to get to the end of our lives and know that the world was better, even slightly, for having had us in it, then our existence was worthwhile and the world would continually be a better place.

Having had success with clients, either face to face, or remotely, over 3 different continents, for over 10 years, regardless of the goal, situation or hurdles, there has been one thing in common. Success is NEVER about just training hard or working up a sweat.

It’s much more than that! How you sleep; the stresses you are dealing with; your food choices; your hormonal functions and your current mood all play a factor in how best to layout a training approach. But dealing with some of these outlying issues can also pay dividends.

Coaching is about working together to unlock your inner hero and discover your specific route to success. It is NOT about pushing you to do things you resent.

Life is to be enjoyed, so ensure that all the choices you make are enhancing it, even the processes you are utilising to make improvements.

“I have discovered my strengths and weaknesses, and feel I have slowly improved on both. Knowing I am being healthy and taking care of myself makes me realise why it is worth it,  I now have new goals set for my future. Can’t thank you enough, Mark!”


Personal Training Should Be More Than a Certificate

Based on everything I’ve seen in the industry, it seems that most of those advertising as a Personal Trainer or coming into DCS to ask about joining the team, for the most part, have looked at the qualification as something to be obtained as quickly as possible and now the money is to roll in.

After 10 years of seeing it happen and 3 years of struggling to find trainers who have a solid attitude to the ‘service’ they are delivering (rather than looking at client’s as pay packet). So, I created an internship programme for DCS and in 2015 I was asked to take on the role of mentoring students through their Personal Training exams (as well as delivering the exams).

I agreed to do this only if I could make the mentoring service more than just the course work. The hope was, and continues to be, to raise the bar for the industry.

As I currently mentor students from all around Scotland, the hope is to raise the bar throughout the industry as a whole and have the rest of the pack having to up their game in order to keep up.

So far, it has proven a fruitful endeavor. I’ve worked with quite a few students who have walked out much more focused on what it takes to deliver a service that is of high value to those they work with.

“Coach Mark is exceptional from knowledge to guidance what a guy


With more gyms than ever, why aren’t we fitter?

Obesity levels are on the rise with related illnesses at an all-time high. If we take the promotional claims of most gyms at face value, this should not be the case.

However, every gym I see follows the same model. Sell as many memberships as possible, hope around 50% don’t show up very often and if it gets too busy, let the members sort it out as it’s all about the sales.

I wanted to ensure there was a better option both as a coach, to provide the highest possible level of service, but also for members, clients and other Personal Trainers to deliver a high value, high quality service that optimised results.

My goal, as a gym owner, is to ensure we stick, consistently, to our values and never compromise quality of training for the trend of the moment just to boost sales. It saddens me to see so many people putting in so much effort on what the industry tells them is the best thing for them and yet, after a few weeks of progress, they stagnate and ultimately give up.

The goal is to give you the tools to ensure you can make the most of your efforts. So, if there is ever anything you feel you need, any improvements we could be making or any area you need assistance with, just ask.

“Two words: eye opening. I’ve been using this gym for two months now, and I have to say it’s the best weight training experience I’ve ever had. I go three times a week, and Mark (the owner/operator) has been very willing to observe and comment on my form and routine whenever I have asked. The gym itself is well equipped, with just about everything you could need for weight training, including some equipment I’d never seen before (the prowler, for instance). Also, right now the gym is very quiet – by using a booking system where a maximum of four groups will ever be in the place at any one time, I have never experienced a wait to use a piece of equipment. I tend to go in the mornings, which often means I have the entire place to myself. Dynamic Core Studios is basically the polar opposite of every other gym experience I have had, in all the right ways.


There’s so much noise & false information out there, what should you believe?

With the internet, e-books & online courses all rapidly growing in number, there is more information available on health and fitness than ever. Therefore, it should be simpler for people to find what works.

Unfortunately, as with the growth of physical venues, a large percentage of this information is, at best, ill-informed. Or, more commonly, a way of cashing in on the growing demand by giving ‘quick fix’ solutions.

My goal has always been to ensure that those seeking information get the information they need.

My view is, if people are fitter, healthier and happier, the world will become a much better place for me to live. So, it’s still self-serving, but also serves others.

As such, I have, over the years, agreed to write for several outlets, either via guest posts on blogs, published articles in newspapers and magazines. Or, lately, to the membership of Business for Scotland. I also contribute to several forums and occasionally respond to questions I find around the web.

Obviously, I publish my own articles. Most of which you will find on ‘the Core’ of this site or via one of my Facebook pages or LinkedIn profile etc. I’ve also conducted seminars and workshops.

I do not claim to know it all. In fact, I would consider myself a novice of information. But I only produce content I either have scientific evidence to back up or I have had considerable experience of to feel confident in. However, over the years, I have found that, when comparing to most of what is being delivered as FACT by many EXPERTS I have a lot to say to redress what I know to be misinformed nonsense.

If you are interested in having me write for your outlet or put on a seminar etc, feel free to reach out.

“I think I’ve enjoyed reading this article the most from the series so far. We all make excuses and I reckon all of the readers will have used them all at one time or another. My hands are up first, I have done! The message in this article to giving your all at all times is probably the best way to keep the focus and (hopefully) not have to find those old excuses for not giving your all.
Thanks for the motivation as ever Mark.”


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“You can replace your car, your clothes, even your house.
You have one body and you have it for life.

Are you giving yours enough respect and attention?”

“I’m really happy with the results. I was happy even before seeing the figures as I could feel and see the difference myself.”


“Having abs and fitting in smaller clothes is almost a side effect. The real prize is the health benefits. I read yesterday that change happens when the fear of staying the same outweighs the fear of change. For me, this was so true. Huge thankyou to Mark Tiffney, trainer extraordinaire”


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Developing The Industry

Coach Mark Tiffney working with a group of people

The health and fitness industry is one that, should, at its core, be of huge benefit to the public and adding value to those it serves.

Coach Mark entered the industry because, from what he had seen, there were too many personal trainers taking advantage of those hiring them. They would either over promising and under deliver on their service; give false information, in an attempt to appear clever; falsify their experience or results; or, in many cases, take payment and then treat them as an inconvenience (checking their Facebook or Snapchat during sessions or spending their time, prior to their arrival, hoping they would not show up so they could keep the money but not have to deliver on the session).

After opening DCS, however, Coach Mark quickly discovered, the situation he thought was bad, was much worse than he thought.

“In the early days I would claim that around 70% of trainers weren’t giving the value they were charging for. Having interviewed a large number of them and seen many in action, I have to put that figure closer to 90%. Especially in the West of Scotland”.

As such, he decided, after many previous requests, to enter the mentoring side of the industry and try to make a change from the ground up.

Mark is now delivering Personal Trainer certification mentoring and exams from his facility and has had nothing but 5 star reviews from his students.

If you are looking at a career in the fitness industry or you are already part of it, but looking for somewhere to give the highest value service possible to your clients, Mark will always be willing to talk to you about your options. So feel free to get in touch.

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