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Gym Owner | Head Coach | Personal Trainer | Lifestyle Strategist

Coach Mark Tiffney

I’ve been through it all! Skinny to Obese; Insomnia; Depression & Working in a stressful professional industry. But, along the way, I’ve learned a few things. I now run a gym, train clients & mentor fitness professionals. However, my main goal is always to give those with the drive for change the tools to be successful without the gimmicky nonsense that usually comes in the form of a ‘solution’.

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“You can replace your car, your clothes, even your house.
You have one body and you have it for life.

Are you giving yours enough respect and attention?”

“I’m really happy with the results. I was happy even before seeing the figures as I could feel and see the difference myself.”


“Having abs and fitting in smaller clothes is almost a side effect. The real prize is the health benefits. I read yesterday that change happens when the fear of staying the same outweighs the fear of change. For me, this was so true. Huge thankyou to Mark Tiffney, trainer extraordinaire”


Respected Industry Expert

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Developing The Industry

Coach Mark Tiffney working with a group of people

The health and fitness industry is one that, should, at its core, be of huge benefit to the public and adding value to those it serves.

Coach Mark entered the industry because, from what he had seen, there were too many personal trainers taking advantage of those hiring them. They would either over promising and under deliver on their service; give false information, in an attempt to appear clever; falsify their experience or results; or, in many cases, take payment and then treat them as an inconvenience (checking their Facebook or Snapchat during sessions or spending their time, prior to their arrival, hoping they would not show up so they could keep the money but not have to deliver on the session).

After opening DCS, however, Coach Mark quickly discovered, the situation he thought was bad, was much worse than he thought.

“In the early days I would claim that around 70% of trainers weren’t giving the value they were charging for. Having interviewed a large number of them and seen many in action, I have to put that figure closer to 90%. Especially in the West of Scotland”.

As such, he decided, after many previous requests, to enter the mentoring side of the industry and try to make a change from the ground up.

Mark is now delivering Personal Trainer certification mentoring and exams from his facility and has had nothing but 5 star reviews from his students.

If you are looking at a career in the fitness industry or you are already part of it, but looking for somewhere to give the highest value service possible to your clients, Mark will always be willing to talk to you about your options. So feel free to get in touch.


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