As much as we believe that, by joining our community, you are effectively investing in your greatest asset (your health and well-being) we do also, very much, appreciate that you have chosen to do so with us.

And as part of your investment (along with your investment of time and effort) is financial, we are constantly looking for ways to make your input that much more valuable.

As such, we have arranged discounts for our members on the following items – simply ask in the gym for any required discount codes or purchase methods:



Lots of Clutter needing organised

Better Organised – 4hrs for the price of 3

Getting your home or office organised can play a big factor on your stress levels. But if you’re not good at that kind of thing, or don’t have the time, how about getting some professional help?

Better Organised are a Glasgow company who offer a free 30mins consultation for their services and if you decided to go ahead with them, as a DCS member you can access 4 hrs of help and guidance for the price of 3.

If you are interested in obtaining this discount, just let us know and we’ll put you in touch.

Beauty By Shona – 15% Disount on Any Treatment Costing £20 or Over

Looking to add to your fit and healthy physique with some pampering or beauty treatment? As a DCS member you can obtain a 15% discount on all services (or combinations) costing £20 or greater from Beauty by Shona. Her most popular services include Lycon Hot waxing, Microdermabrasion, Shellac nails and Threading, but whether you are looking for some fake tan, a Swedish Massage or Body Scrub, the list goes on. Ask in the gym and we will sort you out with the details.

DYNA Garage Services – 12.5% Discount on Labour Charges & Free Inspection

DYNA are already a bargin without the drop in quality. They pride themselves on high customer service. We’ve witnessed them pick up clients who didn’t quite make it to the garage, drive them home if the work is going to take a while and we know they do not ‘create’ work where none is needed. And despite all of this, their rates are already extremely competitive. However, they have agreed to give all DCS members a free inspection if there is ever any suspected issues with your car and a 12.5% discount on their already lower than average labour charges. So if you ever have car issues, now you have a solution you can rely on. And best of all, they are just 2 doors from the gym, so you can even get a training session in while you wait.

DWS Ltd – 10% Disount on any product

DWS already provide the one of the most cost effective solutions on the market – compared with John Lewis or Wren they are generally around 50% of the price, but they have graciously offered our members a further 10% discount on their product range.

If you want to know more on how to access this discount, just ask in the gym.

Lapis Contracts Ltd – 10% Disount on all Kitchens & Granite Worktops

The prices for a new Lapis kitchen with bespoke, high level worktops, are already a fantastic bargin for price versus quality. However, they have very kindly offered a further 10% discount on any new kitchen or Granite Worktops to DCS members. If you want to claim this discount, just ask in the gym and we’ll sort you out.

Trtl Travel Pillow – 10% Discount

The Trtl travel pillow was designed in Glasgow and won innovation of the year that year. It’s extremely useful for long journeys, is not as cumbersome as standard travel pillows. It also doesn’t look as naff and most importantly, it works incredibly well. It’s also really useful for any times you need to be ‘awake’ when you are exhausted, so mothers feeding through the night may want to take note.