If you were given the keys to your very own 5000Sq.ft Personal Training Facility, fully kitted out with over £150,000 worth of equipment. Would you be able to deliver an exceptional service to your clients?

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Ensuring the highest possible service can be provided at all times

We can guarantee


Never have to share our 5000 sq.ft facility with more than 6 others, ensuring an average of at least 700 sq.ft for you and your client to ensure the freedom needed to supply the best possible service.
Not to mention the landscaped outdoor space that is also available if appropriate.


With over £150,000 worth of equipment, almost all of which has been purchased based on member and trainer requests, and never having to share it with more than 6 others at any given time, you can ensure your clients have access to the equipment they need, when they need it with no queuing.


We work as a team not as a series of individuals and will use our extensive social media network and mailing lists (totaling over 10,000 people) to showcase your talents and help build your brand in a way that would be impossible to rival on your own.

How we compare to other facilities:


Join the DCS family and enjoy support and encouragement from your colleagues. With our member community continuously expanding, endorse your future career with ease.


Promote your strengths and expertise and stand out within our team. Become more than just a ‘personal trainer’ by developing your own identity.


Joining our small team means more possibility for colleagues to help with shift cover and client cover. Enjoy a more ‘freelance’ employment basis.


Build a client base with support from the DCS team and improve your credibility based on your own personality and strengths.

5000 sq.ft of space
Over £150,000 worth of high quality equipment
With no queues – EVER!

Build your reputation without financial stress or sacrificing your ethics

No Initial Risks

Don’t worry about large rental payments. Our income only grows as your client base grows. You will keep the lions share of what you earn and as your experience level grows with us you get to keep ever higher percentages of fees that also increase to reflect your status and experience.

Keep Your Ideals

Be supported by your colleagues to find your own strengths and identity within the gym. We encourage you to promote your ideals and develop your own personal brand and identity via a voice that is uniquely yours.

Find YOUR audience

Most client bases come via referral, but until you have an audience, how can you get those first few clients? Working with us allows you to tap into a much larger platform than you could ever achieve on your own and help you tap into the audience that resonates with your unique message.

All the benefits of ‘roaming’ with none of the drawbacks

Working at home from fear of large rental payments?

Join a team where building a reputation and quality of training takes priority over competing financially. A unique PAYE system relieves the stress of large rental issues.

Need outside space?

As well as the huge range of equipment within the facility, there is a great outdoor space. If you feel outdoor training is appropriate, we can certainly facilitate this but with all the equipment you might need close at hand and the chance to adapt if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Self Conscious Clients?

DCS also has a small member pool which works around PT appointments, and so never has the ‘intimidating’, busy atmosphere of a generic commercial gym. As well as this, various rooms within the 5000 sq. ft space allows privacy for clients if they require.

What we are looking for…

  • Drive, enthusiasm and an entrepreneurial spirit along with the strive for excellence with clients;
  • The ability to treat each individual client uniquely to suit their requirements and goals;
  • A strong team player with their own independent values and worth and values an outstanding quality of service.

We are not for everyone (and not everyone is for us)

Whilst our model will allow you to work as part of a team and ultimately gives you the opportunity to earn an extremely high income, you need to earn it.

Someone coming to us with a very small audience or client base should be willing to work with us to grow your reputation.

It’s not going to fall into your lap and it’s not all about you, it’s about your clients, our members and ensuring those giving the effort achieve the highest possible return on their investment.

Looking for a quick financial gain at all costs?
Look elsewhere!

Willing to work with us and with the client’s benefit in mind?
Potential income of around £50,000 per year, working 25hrs per week, within 8 months.

Already have a strong client base?
Reach this level even quicker.

Our facility is second to none with resources that go far beyond the gym floor.
We aim to ensure you have all the tools necessary to give the highest level of service possible and increase the value of that service simply by delivering it from our facility

Are you ready to start delivering the quality of service your clients deserve, whilst building a world class reputation of your own?

Then do as you would advise your clients and take action!

Not qualified yet? Want to be?

Not only are we the ultimate personal training facility, but we can also provide you with your full Personal Training qualifications from scratch. With practical mentoring to ensure you not only get your qualifications, but also the skills and experience to ensure you are ready to make an impact once you have them.