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Positions Available

We are hiring!
If you feel you would be a valuable asset to our team, we want to hear from you 
The paid positions we currently have available are listed below

Whilst CVs are all well and good, the importance is in knowing who you are, so when getting in touch, feel free to include your CV or simply demonstrate your personality and value in any way that you feel is appropriate. 


Core 2 PT Role + 12hrs per week 

We are looking for an experienced Personal Trainer to head the PT sector of our business.

This position is on offer to a qualified Personal Trainer with a minimum of 2 years or 500hrs of Personal Training experience and a proven success rate with their clients.

We are looking for someone who will put the best interests of the clients we serve at the fore and will work to the level and ethics that DCS was founded on.

Whilst continuing to operate and form your primary income source from one to one personal training, in line with the model of the facility (though coming in at a higher level than all other trainers due to your proven experience) you would be in charge of heading and developing the personal training team.

This would mean, holding regular meetings to ensure a facility wide standard is being met and that all clients are being given the highest quality of service possible. Working with the coordinating team members on marketing and advertising strategies. And, working on recruiting other members to join the personal training team.

There could be other responsibilities added, including working within our student mentoring program, if appropriate.

The Head PT role would involve an additional paid 12hrs per week to develop this sector. You would also have access to our advertising budget and be fully involved in the marketing strategy sessions.

Whilst the paid hours would be guarantee an excess of £600 per month added to your overall income, through hitting or exceeding the company targets for this sector, you could expect to achieve an income in excess of £48,000 per annum at your initial level and upon achieving 1000hrs of training within our facility, this is likely to increase to around £62,000 per annum**. With further opportunities available to expand on this.

It must be stressed that this is a coordination role for someone who can lead a team of personal trainers; deliver a highly professional image as part of the company brand; ensure a high quality of service with members and clients being the highest priority and work with the strategy team within the company to ensure growth and expansion.

Enthusiasm, drive and humility are all qualities that would be important in this role, though experience with sales funnels, marketing strategies or social media profile development would be useful.

If you feel you could make a positive contribution to this role and our team, please contact Mark Tiffney with your contact details and relevant information.

*Based on all targets being met. Higher if exceeded and lower if missed.


18hrs per week – Extremely Flexible Hours

We are looking for someone with drive, humility and an enterprising approach to strategy to head up and develop our in-house team.

Heading up the day to day operations of the facility, your job would be to ensure the core elements of the gym are running at their highest potential.

Working with the existing team and helping to expand on it, through involvement in advertising and interviews, as well as working on the strategies that allow us the financial capabilities to bring in a larger team.

As you would oversee coordinating the team and the operations of the facility, this would also mean taking charge of the rota. Therefore, you would be able to work it to your own requirements.

Thus, this position could be very suitable for someone who has previous experience in team management, marketing or strategy and is now looking for something with more flexibility, to work around children’s school hours or other personal drivers.

The position will pay up to £1400 per month*, with opportunities for increase if targets are exceeded.

If you are interested in this role and feel you would make a positive addition to our team, please contact Mark Tiffney with your details and any associated information that would be of interest.

*Dependent on experience

The positions listed above are positions with a guaranteed pay level (with added performance bonuses), however we are considering other roles.

If you are a qualified Personal Trainer looking for somewhere to train your clients, build your brand and add to our team – Click Here

If you are not yet qualified but would like to obtain your qualifications in personal training via a mentored course structure – Click Here

If you are not qualified and could be interested in developing your experience and skills prior to getting any qualifications, or you are qualified, but are struggling to develop your career path and would be interested in our internship program – Click Here

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