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If you feel you would be a valuable asset to our team, we want to hear from you 
The paid positions we currently have available are listed below

Whilst CVs are all well and good, the importance is in knowing who you are, so when getting in touch, feel free to include your CV or simply demonstrate your personality and value in any way that you feel is appropriate. 


Key Role in charge of building and developing the team of personal trainers and working as part of the core management team on strategy and brand development.

12 Paid Hours Per week
Continued PT role (at a Core 2 Level)
Guaranteed Bonuses based from both personal and team performance levels.
Expected Earnings – £24,500 – £49,000 in the 1st year

By hitting both personal and team targets, an income of over £65,000 per annum is possible.

We are looking for an established Personal Trainer to join our core team for the latest phase in our development.

You should have a proven track record of excellence in working with clients and have the confidence to lead and grow the personal training team within our facility to that same high level.

The right candidate will be driven to make an impact, yet humble in execution to integrate well into the existing team.

Areas of responsibility will include:

  • Ensuring a high standard of service is being delivered by all Personal Trainers on the team.
  • Working with the core team on marketing and development strategy.
  • Ensuring clients are always put at the fore of team wide decisions.
  • Acting as the voice of the the PT team to ensure the company marketing strategy is all inclusive.
  • Giving input on the spend of the company on equipment, facility upgrades and marketing.

These responsibilities will run alongside your role as a senior PT, for which there will be per session earnings and additional bonuses.

If you are a PT who puts your clients first, looks to the long-term benefits rather than short term wins and feels frustrated by the commercialism of the fitness industry in general, this is an amazing opportunity to show the best version of your commitment to changing lives whilst growing your personal brand and developing your career.

We expect the right candidate to have at least 2 years of training behind them. However, if you can prove you are a good fit for this role with fewer, we are all ears.

If you feel this could be you, but you are only recently qualified, see the options below for joining our team and prove your excellence. We will always look to include all members of the team in all areas of development, so it really is down to you.

We are going through a phase of change right now at DCS and we are looking for people who are as excited as we are to make a massive impact going forward and grow along side us as we put our next phase of development in place.

If you feel you are the person we are looking for, please contact Mark Tiffney with your contact details and relevant information by clicking below.

These are exciting times for us and we are looking to build an amazing team to be part of our journey.

Let us know if you are one of those people.

The positions listed above are positions with a guaranteed pay level (with added performance bonuses), however we are considering other roles.

If you are a qualified Personal Trainer looking for somewhere to train your clients, build your brand and add to our team – Click Here

If you are not yet qualified but would like to obtain your qualifications in personal training via a mentored course structure – Click Here

If you are not qualified and could be interested in developing your experience and skills prior to getting any qualifications, or you are qualified, but are struggling to develop your career path and would be interested in our internship program – Click Here