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You can book up to 90mins prior to your desired time.
After that, contact the gym directly or just come along to see what’s available.
Bookings are not mandatory, but are suggested to ensure we know who is due in and can prepare to give any help or advice we were looking to pass on and to ensure you have an appointment in your diary.
If you can’t make your training slot, you should cancel with at least 4hrs notice to allow for the benefit of others.

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This includes:
Studio Sessions
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Food Intolerance Testing
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(10th April 2018)
New Showers – The showers in the male changing rooms are complete, with some finishes and dressing still to be completed. But, they are usable. As of tonight, the ladies are now out of commission. The new showers will be fully installed tomorrow, but there will be a drying period for the seal, so they will either be out of use until the evening or possibly until Thursday morning. We will, however, ensure room swaps happen as required to allow everyone access as needed. After this, all major disruptions will be complete with only cosmetic works taking place thereafter. Apologies for any inconvenience, but we hope the new fit out is worth the wait.

Suffering from tight hamstrings?

Lots of training puts a huge strain on the posterior chain.

Overly tight hamstrings can cause not only your hammies, to not fire properly, but also impact your glutes and even tie into bad posture and back pain.

Here's a really quick fix to get them loosened up and firing again.

Sit a foam roller at the top of the hamstrings just between the top of the leg and butt. Place a kettlebell on top and start to slowly kick your leg out (and I do mean slowly this one hurts like a b***h). #
Do this until the tension releases and then work down the hamstring.

This drill yields really quick results. Used this on a football player who couldn't get past his mid shin on a toe touch. After a few minutes working through this could reach his toes and run properly again.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.
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Looking to kickstart your fitness?

Get yourself down to our conditioning sessiosn at DCS.

Great fun and great results for all involved.

💪 Dedicate-Commit-Succed 💪
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