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(30th Nov 2018)
December Only Booking & Opening Times – From now until the end of December, training slots must be booked 16hrs in advance. And our open & close times will then be dictated by the bookings. We will only guarantee to open by the 1st booking of the day and could close by the end of the final booking. Most days this will have little difference as there are often PT clients booked in close to opening times and there are group training sessions in the evening (for which we will consider that a booking and will always be there for). So, if you are coming in between 2 group sessions, you can arrive without booking (or contact the gym to have us book you in or check we are open at other times). This is not meant to cause ANY inconvenience, simply to prevent manning an empty building during a period of Christmas Nights Out and the like, wasting time for a team member and utilities (environmental). If this proves to be a problem for anyone, please let us know and we will resolve it. Normal service will resume in January.

4 days ago

Dynamic Core Studios

Great effort from everyone in the group session tonight!

Get yourself down for another great session next Friday! You can see the full timetable at:

Have a good weekend everyone!
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1 week ago

Dynamic Core Studios

Here we can see James Corbett - S&C Coach performing a pause squat.

Why would you do pause squats?

1- They are a great way to see if you are actually getting to depth. Plenty of time to see at the bottom if the crease of your hips gets below the top of your knee.

2- They take away your stretch reflex at the bottom of the squat. Again this comes back to hitting depth, pause squats force you to hold the squat at its hardest position. If you can get stronger at the point you are at the least advantaged it terms of the leverages used in the squat then your whole movement will get stronger.

3- They can help with balance and technique. If you find you are often becoming unbalanced at the bottom of your squat (this can be characterised as coming onto your toes or the bar dragging you forward) then the slower more controlled nature of the pause squats helps for you to "feel" the balance over your whole foot. And also establish and maintain your back angle.

4- Time under tension. The increased time taken to perform the movement means that there is more time under mechanical tension for the muscles, this has both strength and hypertrophic effects. With excellent carryover to your normal squat motion.

5- They can be a break from heavy squats. You can program Pause squats as a "light" squat variation as well as a technique drill. Both are perfectly reasonable uses of the Pause Squat.

Have you got any squat variations that you have been using lately? How do you think they differ from your normal squat and what benefits do they bring?
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