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(11th Nov 2020)
The Tuesday and Thursday 6pm Split Personal Training Sessions are consistently booked out. We are reviewing other times that may be suitable (before, after or on other days). If you have any times that would suit that is not currently on offer, please let us know.

9 years ago today, we opened Dynamic Core Studios to the public. The reason was, all gyms I had ever visited, had the same model. In an industry that was meant to exist to help improve the lives of others, it seemed the overarching goal was to maximise profits, hype up expectation and under deliver on promises. The goal, from day 1, was to address all the frustrations found in these facilities and seek to undo them. It has been a rollecoaster ride. The excitement and struggles of the first year.Year 2 saw things coming together well and things looked and felt good. Year 3 started well, but saw the beginnings of thousands of pounds worth of unpaid invoices, cancelled direct debits (without notice) and huge charges. It was, however, my baby. And I gave it every moment of my time and effort. But with the arrival of my actual baby the same month we hit our lowest point, giving 100+ hrs of my time for no pay was no longer as natural to me as it had been in year 1.We should probably have folded then, but I replanted and rebuilt as best I could, whilst still being a father, and by year 5 we began a steady level of improvement, with 2019 our best year in 6 years. With Coach Heinrich joining us at the start of 2020, it felt we were going to build on that momentum. And even the first lockdown didn't feel so bad as it gave us some breathing space to innovate. Unfortunately, we have consistently been fighting an uncaring and unscrupulous landlord. And despite following every procedure outlined by the government via the Covid Act and the code of conduct for commercial landlords and tenants, the landlord has not been so engaged. They have made no effort to reach a compromise. Despite requests, starting in March, for a meeting to discuss a compromise, we have still not had one. Only threatening letters via their solicitor. Having paid the rent in full, along with backpayments for the lockdown period (since 1st Sept until 1st Dec), we heard nothing from them and assumed our actions were deemed acceptable. What they were actually doing was waiting for the 2 week 'festive' closure for many businesses to take advantage of a loophole in the Covid act that would allow them to arrest our accounts and equipment, if we did not act. As such, we have been forced into liquidation. So, exactly 9 years, to the day, from opening, I am sad to announce Dynamic Core Studios is closed permanently. As recently as December 22nd, we were still making plans for 2021. We believed we had developed our approach, in addressing the continued restrictions, in a way that was positive for our clients going forward. We felt good about our prospects post lockdown restrictions. However, a mix of too much uncertainty over legislation, too many restrictions, combined with a landlord who was unwilling to agree to any compromise solutions being utilised elsewhere (or allow the use of an arbitrator), and triggering their actions on December 23rd (to block our ability to fight back), we simply ran out of avenues to explore. So we close our doors. But not first without a huge thank you to everyone person who crossed our threshold. We have had, I believe, the best clients and members possible. The journey may have been a struggle at times, but the people we were helping continuously brought joy back to the endeavour. I feel extremely privileged to have met so many wonderful people. I hope, not for the last time. The story doesn't end here, just the chapter. This page will alter, in the coming days, to being a hub for the free content that I hope to increase production of, through the website, YouTube and other outlets. Just because the facility is gone, doesn't mean the drive for positive impact on the health, happiness and well-being of others has gone with it. I'm saddened it had to end this way. Especially given the year we've all had (and the idea of pulling together as a result being so lost on those that pushed us here). But without the frequent frustrations caused by a lax landlord, I remain hopeful that 2021 can be even more positive as a result. Once again, thank you to all who have been part of this 9 year journey. On to the next chapter! And I wish you all an amazing 2021 (despite the rocky start for most). Stay tuned for the changes, the content and the development in the coming weeks and months.I have much more to say and many people to thank. But that is for another day. For now, its time to turn the page and move on to the next chapter. Stay Strong and Stay SafeMark ... See MoreSee Less
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