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Our 30 day guide is not an "Eat these meals, lose this weight" diet approach. Rather it is a complete over view starting with a 2 day preparation phase followed by a 4 week holiday for your hormonal functions. Giving your system a rest in order to function at its peak.

And what does that meant?

No matter what your goals - fat burning; muscle building; increased energy; added strength - these will all be much more achievable because your body's systems will be operating at a higher level.

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04/11/2017 DCS Scorch – our new ‘short blast’ studio session has been added to our timetable – 6.30pm on Fridays. This is a 25min session, the contents will be posted on Facebook the following Monday as a ‘finisher of the week’, but attending the Friday session is a way to get coaching in the moves and early access to the new workout. £4 for non-members, free to members. (If, however, you pay to come along and decide to join at the end of the session, your £4 will be refunded).

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Since we launched the new site in May, we've had over 25,000 views of the site and this past month has seen a 100% increase over last month, so that number is going to grow rapidly.

Thanks for everyone who has taken an interest in what we do and read the articles we spend a large amount of time preparing for you.

If you haven't checked out our articles or if you have, but just randomly check the site, there are portals on the site for specific questions.

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Thanks for the support - we're so glad to have you as part of our community and glad so many people are finding our content useful.
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This week's finisher workout is very shoulder and upper back focused.

As ever, the demo video is in the private member's group.

Give it a go and we'll add to your choices with another one next week.
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