Although we sell some products over the counter, we do so in order to try to help out members by supplying our members with the things they need to make the best of their training. We don’t have a huge mark up for that reason and therefore very little scope for spoilage etc.

As such, we have a pretty much no refund policy.

Obviously, if the goods are faulty in some way, then we would issue a refund and if it is in brand new condition and it is only a few hours later (and we can be certain it’s in brand new condition (ie a supplement with the seal still on it) then we would issue a refund. However, if you simply found you ‘don’t like’ what you bought and want a refund, obviously we can’t do that.

We sell protein shake versions of most of the tubs of protein we sell so you can try the flavours before committing to a full tub. We have spare Versa Gripps on hand at the sizes we sell them at in order to check if you are taking the correct size for you. So if you leave the gym and when you return the seal on these items has been broken, they are now second hand and can’t be re-sold as if they are new. So if the protein is shown to have been faulty from the time it was opened, such as the flavour inside not matching the flavour noted on the tub, or the Versa Gripps are damaged and cannot be used for their purpose, then we are obliged to give you a refund. However, if you imagine you opened a tub of protein and took a scoop of it then didn’t like it, I would hope you wouldn’t feel you could then bring the tub back for a refund. Or if you opened the pack of Versa Gripps and either just didn’t like the colour or they coudn’t do something you ‘thought’ they could do even though they do the job they were intended for, clearly we can’t refund on these as they are now used.

As with everything, we do try to be fair and accommodating and either we act as a retailer and mark everything up to make sizeable profits on everything we sell to allow for heavy profits and so the odd return doesn’t affect us or we continue, as we prefer to do, by keeping costs as low as we can (again keeping in mind, we don’t have huge buying power, so we don’t get the same deals as large chain supermarkets etc) and ensuring we can give you the best prices available to us.

Hopefully this is something that you will understand. It’s not there to fleece, but at the same time, if selling these products ends up ‘costing’ us money then it makes it no longer viable to stock any of them and we want to be able to ensure you have everything on hand to be able to make the most of your training.