Probably the most common question we get emailed or asked is, ‘how much does it cost?

First off, if that is your one and only question and you have never visited the gym, then we are probably not for you. What we offer here is a unique training experience. We focus on ensuring the best results and a training environment that can allow that to happen.

So if you are looking for a gym membership, then ask yourself, why are you joining a gym? Usually it is to either obtain a specific physique result or to improve a performance element such as strength or speed. So the thing you should be asking is, will this facility be the best for me to obtain those results? If so, then you should not be comparing with a lesser facility on cost.

We specifically do not put our prices on the website because, until you have come in to see the facility and discussed the service we have to offer, those costs are meaningless.

The one thing we can assure you of is, there are no contracts to be held to and we are never pushy about signing up when you come in to see us. If we are not the best facility for your needs, then we don’t want your money, it’s that simple.

If you’ve read all the other pages on this site, you will probably realize that, given the level of service and quality of training we provide, we are not the cheapest place in town. But, perhaps more surprisingly, we are not the most expensive either. But if you are simply ‘shopping on price’ alone then you will absolutely be able to find cheaper alternatives and it is not worth contacting us.

We never set out to be the cheapest or to attract those who see realizing their physical potential as something that should come at the lowest possible price.

Our team of experts are not commodities to be purchased at the lowest possible rate or to be haggled over for discounts.

That may come over as a little arrogant, but it is not meant to be. It is simply a reflection of the business we have developed that provides the highest quality service, highest quality training facility and a quality of results that does not come at deal of the day prices.

If you are going to entrust your goals, your training, your nutrition, your hormonal balance, your internal makeup and your health, happiness and wellbeing over to another individual or facility then surely you want to make sure they are not the type who are giving it away as a deal of the day or offer discounts just to get you using their programmes and services?

Quite simply, we are professionals and like all professionals we command professional fees in exchange for a VERY professional service and high quality results. Though no one has ever told us that what we charge hasn’t been worth every penny invested.

However, as a gym we have various membership options (starting from no monthly fee and PAYG) and remember as a member your results and training are of paramount importance to us, so there will always be someone on hand to ensure you get the help you need in getting the most from your training. If you need something more hands on, we can do nutritional plans, body composition analysis and tracking and Full Personal Training services encompassing full one to one coaching, nutritional analysis, results tracking and support beyond the realm of the gym.

And if you are looking for something a little more sociable, then you can always check out our classes, the prices for which are all listed on the booking page.

So if that hasn’t put you off and you are still looking for the best solution to your fitness, physique or performance needs, book in for a tour or a consultation with our online booking system and we look forward to seeing you here soon.