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We are hiring!
If you feel you would be a valuable asset to our team, we want to hear from you 
The paid positions we currently have available are listed below

Whilst CVs are all well and good, the importance is in knowing who you are, so when getting in touch, feel free to include your CV or simply demonstrate your personality and value in any way that you feel is appropriate. 


8-15 paid hours per week. An opportunity to grow and expand both hours and income. Must be comfortable training groups.

We are looking for a personal trainer/ fitness instructor (L2 or equivalent minimum with some group training experience, such as circuit training or bootcamps) to join our unique training facility.

Our ethos and set up is designed to deliver the best possible service to our member and client base. A willingness to contribute to this ethos is key to filling the role.

A friendly, engaging personality with drive and enthusiasm for long-term success, alongside an openness to learn and develop skill sets within the ethos & vision of the company, is more important than technical skills. Training and guidance will be provided as necessary.

Reliability, trust and strong ethics are critical.


  • 8-15hrs per week with possibility to expand to more, plus one to one personal training platform
  • Hourly Rate of £8.00 to £10.50 per hour (depending on age and experience level)
  • Profit sharing bonus, up to £13,860 per annum, available
  • Full use of the facilities for personal use
  • Existing platform for promotion of skills and reputation growth.
  • The position is freelance and paid on an hourly rate, but you would be responsible for your own invoices, taxes & public liability insurance.

Roles & Responsibilities:

The successful candidate will be required to take charge of existing group training sessions with the view of maintaining and growing participation in those sessions.

Additional hours will be spent on the gym floor; helping members; delivering tours and consultations; making sales and keeping the facility presentable and in good order.

Personal Training clients may be generated by either the trainer or the facility (with additional bonuses if generated by the trainer) to allow for additional income.


If interested, please email mark@dcsfit.com or click the button below and give a brief response to the following questions:

  1. Why do you feel you would be a good candidate for us to consider?
  2. What do you feel you would like your contribution to the industry and those you serve to be over the coming years?
  3. What do you hope to achieve personally from your future career in the industry?

Any other useful information is welcomed.

Please do NOT include a CV as it will not be read. We want to know about you as a person, not you as an academic or a job history.

Based on your email responses we will arrange for a face to face meeting and from there we may ask for references or proof of experience (along with certification of qualifications and insurance).

Looking for something more long-term focused?

The position listed above, whilst guaranteed pay & hours from day one (with added performance bonuses) is more a job than a career opportunity.

Though there is nothing to stop that developing, if you are looking to grow your personal training career and reputation for improved long-term prospects, have a look at these opportunities.

Are you a qualified Personal Trainer looking for somewhere new to train your clients & better showcase the best of your skill-sets & develop the recognition your efforts and knowledge levels deserve? 

Are you a newly qualified Personal Trainer (or working on getting your qualifications right now) and looking for a route to develop a long-term career with credibility & a strong personal brand?