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(11th Nov 2020)
The Tuesday and Thursday 6pm Split Personal Training Sessions are consistently booked out. We are reviewing other times that may be suitable (before, after or on other days). If you have any times that would suit that is not currently on offer, please let us know.

This week on opinion corner, I felt we should take it a bit easy. I've not mentioned it much but I (the marketing person) am a pretty big movie fan, especially horror movies (I can't get enough of them!). I, admittedly, am not a massive James Bond fan but I am very interested in how it impacts cinemas, an industry that seems to be teetering on bankruptcy.

No Time to Die has been postponed a lot, with many begging for it to hurry up and release to VOD (video on demand/streaming) already but so many cinemas are banking on it bringing back customers after COVID (though many said the same for Nolan's Tenet). What do you all think?
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Good morning everyone!

Lets get straight into it and chat about the difference between the 2 images I uploaded yesterday. On a side note, there is no specific reason why it is an image of a man and a women, its purely about the way they are recruiting different parts of their abdominal region at that specific time.

As I mentioned yesterday, very often clients are cued by their trainer to 'tighten their core'. There is nothing wrong with the cue itself, what we need to look at is if the client actually understands what this cue means and how to perform it effectively. Remember...there is a difference between tensing your ABS and recruiting your transverse abdominis for core stability!!

Before we look at exactly what is happening in the 2 images, lets recap what the function is of the 1. the Rectus Abdominis and 2. the transverse abdominis.

1. The Transverse Abdominis is predominantly a pelvic and spinal stabilizer. Without effective recruitment of the TVA, were essentially leaving our spine naked or exposed during any type of dynamic movement. (Bending over and picking an object of the floor, performing a squat, carrying groceries etc.)

2. The rectus Abdominis (6 Pack) is predominantly a trunk (ribcage) flexor...NOT a stabilizer unless performing movements under heavy load (for the lifters out there - around 60% or more of your 1 rep max)

Why is it important to understand the difference between these 2 muscle groups when were discussing core engagement?

1. The first concept that comes to mind is Intra-abdominal pressure (charging the abdominal wall and ribcage with sufficient oxygen to allow for effective 'bracing')
2. Then we need to consider recruitment patterns. We need to ensure that the TVA (core) gets recruited FIRST. Once an effective diaphragmatic breath has been taken, were able to charge the thoracic (ribcage) and abdominal cavities. This allows the TVA to engage (draw belly button towards the spine) and create effective spinal stabilization.

3. Then only do we recruit the Rectus Abdominis, under load, to create further stabilization. If we recruit the Rectus Abdominis FIRST, we are relying on a FLEXOR of the spine to do STABILITY work, which as we know by now, its first function is NOT to stabilize.

SO how does all of this tie into the 2 images?

The first image clearly illustrates that the RECTIS ABDOMINIS is recruited. (hard protruding 6 Pack)
The second image there is clearly more TRANSVERSE ABDOMINIS recruitment (belly button drawn to the spine) even though I do believe it not performed a 100% effectively. (muscles in the neck overcompensating)

What this means is when you are cued to 'tighten' your core...think Diaphragmatic breath first, then transverse abdominis (bellybutton drawn towards the spine) and NOT tensing your abs.

I really hope all of that information made sense and it was not to overwhelming. If you have any questions, please fire away!

Please stay safe and look after one another.
Coach Heinrich
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