Skillset Conditioning for Added Punch

The devil is in the details!

You can give all the effort you can, but if your technique is poor it either leads to quick burn out; emphasis in the wrong place; or injury.

None of which helps you make progress.

If you’ve ever taken part in a busy bootcamp session, a circuit class, a body pump class or a metafit session, you’ll know it’s possible to work hard and build up a sweat or ‘feel the burn’, but it’s likely there have been exercises within those sessions you feel lost with.

And on the rare occasion the instructor can spend time correcting things, the class must keep moving and you are moved on before you have time to properly understand the technique.

If you could get a bit more time on the more complex movements, obviously you’d get more out of the sessions.

Tabita Training - DCS HIIT Glasgow
Sledgehammer Workout - HIIT Training Glasgow
Interval Training Session Glasgow - DCS HIIT

Technique specific circuit style training with focus on generally weak movements and skill-sets.

Whilst we have general conditioning sessions that aim to adapt to adapt to the needs of the individuals and strength sessions to focus on complex compound movements, there are some techniques that, for many, need more time and focus to maximise their benefit.

For example, if we utilise pad or bag work as part of our sessions (or you use them within your own training) but you don’t know how to punch well, you will either hold back or end up hurting your wrist.

This was the starting point for setting up these sessions. Initially we set up as a boxing circuit, giving an opportunity to spend time on punching technique and developing shoulder, arm & core stability and strength.

However, depending on what we see elsewhere (particularly in the conditioning sessions) these sessions may morph or expand to include technique for things like rowing, skipping, battle ropes, tyre flipping or other, less conventional movements and approaches.

Fat Loss

Just some of the benefits of these sessions:

  • Technique improvements whilst keeping the general conditioning level high.
  • Improved skill-sets
  • Added variety to your weekly training schedule
  • Area specific focus and development
  • Enhanced progress from general conditioning training
  • Increased confidence
  • Lower risk of injury

The foundations focused on via the Strength sessions are extremely important, but if you want to take your training to another level make Invincible training part of your programme.

Are You Ready To Go Invincible?

Marie Rippon

Hard Work and Good Fun. I recommend giving it a go.

Marie Rippon