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Studio Sessions – Timetable

Dynamic Conditioning

Our Flagship Group Training Session
Specialising in Improved Fitness & Fat Loss

Current Session Times

Mondays | 6.30pm
Tuesdays | 5.30pm
Wednesdays | 6.30pm
Thursdays | 5.30pm
Fridays | 5.30pm

Bookings subject to availablity

Dynamic Conditioning Surge

High Intensity Conditioning
All The Value in Less Time

Current Session Times

Mondays | 12.30pm

Wednesdays | 12.30pm

Fridays | 12.30pm

Bookings subject to availablity

We have a new ‘Scorch’ session running every Friday at 6.30pm. These sessions will last around 25mins and are coached versions of the finishers we publish to Facebook every week. These sessions are on trial to test popularity, so they are just pay on the day (free to full members) at £4. But, if we stick with this session, we will add it fully to the booking system.

We have also added a ‘Body Assault’ session on Saturday mornings (starting 19th May) 10am on a trial basis. If it proves popular, this will become a permanent fixture on the timetable.

FridaySurgeConditioning Scorch (new)
SaturdayBody Assault (new)

Note: As of 1st November, due to member request, the Tuesday & Thursday sessions will begin at 5.45pm

Click on any session for more information on what’s involved and who it would suit

Our goal is always to make you the priority, so if you would like to see an existing session at a different time or if you’d like to see different goals catered for with new session types, just let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen

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