Finisher Workouts to Fire Up Your Training

It’s not how you start that’s important, but how you finish!

Training does not have to be rigid, monotonous or boring. Nor does it have to involve hours of daily grind.

Success is less about perfection and more about consistency to things you have committed to.

You can make a lot of progress in very little time.

Finisher Session Glasgow - DCS Scorch

These sessions can be utilised in several ways:

Freshen up your regular training sessions.

You’ll get an extra kick to your weekly output and will leave with ideas on how to spice up your training routines. Keeping it fresh can be all that is needed to keep you committed.

Get the most from limited time.

Short, sharp and intense. It may not be a complete workout, but you’ll get a big hit that will keep you progressing. (A huge improvement from, “I’ll start again next week”).

A quick additional metabolic hit.

Maybe your training has been solid, but you feel you could do with burning a few hundred more calories.

A Confidence & Self-Image Boost.

Because of the intensity level, a ‘pump’ is a common side effect. Leaving your muscles feeling and looking tight & toned. It may not last, but it can leave you walking out with confidence and a boost to your self-image.

A psychological boost.

If work, family and other commitments have taken priority lately and you are beating yourself up for missing planned training sessions, these are ideal. The intense portion of the session is never going to last more than 15mins. You’ll be in and out the building in 25mins. Giving yourself that short amount of time can be just the boost you need to keep you from falling into a long-term slump.

To Jump Back In

Maybe you’ve been out of action for more than you’d like. A few months or even a year or so. If the idea of a full training session scares you. This could be a useful tool to catapult you back into action.

Fat Loss

Finishers are short routines usually put at the end of a training session to maximise the output of that session.

As they are often done in a semi-fatigued state, they must be simple and have a low injury risk. To make up for the simplicity, they are generally intense. Either leaving you completely out of breath or with a high level of muscle fatigue.

We have separated them out to allow more flexibility in their use.

Attending these sessions is only going to benefit your progress no matter your current goals or level.

Are You Ready for a Strong Finish?