Kick-Ass Weekend Training

It takes a warrior to tackle the challenges of the week and stay strong!

Conventional weeks look good on paper.

Work 9 to 5, hit the gym 3 times and set the rest of the time aside to eat healthy, spend time with friends and family and get in some you time.

But life doesn’t follow the plan.

Daily stresses, working late, deadlines and unforeseen emergencies all get in the way.

Sometimes you have to pick your battles. And if your week belongs to others, then taking time at the weekend to work on your strength, endurance, energy and resilience is an investment, not only in your health, but your sanity.

Join other warriors and build yourself up ready to tackle the challenges of the week without feeling you are losing yourself in the shuffle.

Weekend Warriors Training Glasgow - Heavy Bag Carry
Weekend Warrior Rope Heavy Sled Pull

Work as a group to charge up your energy and resilience levels ready to take on all life has to throw at you

As with all our group training sessions, we build the workouts around your personal development.

Here, more than ever, we encourage teamwork, support and motivation.

We understand this may be your only chance to make a change and we will look to make the most of it.

Whether you are looking to charge up your energy for the weekend, work out your frustrations from the week gone by, or your goal is to take the time to ensure you continue to move forward and improve, these sessions will ensure you get what you need.

You are your greatest asset.

Without your health, you can’t do much.

If your energy is low, your output in all areas of life will suffer.

If your focus is poor, you’ll be correcting a lot of mistakes.

Fat Loss

By pushing yourself and working along side your fellow warriors to achieve more and inspire one another, you can be sure your resilience will stay strong and you will continue to be the best you that you can be.

When life throws you lemons, forget the lemonade. Learn to catch them, crush them and keep moving forward

Are You Ready To Be The Warrior You Know You Can Be?

Amazing Weekend Warriors Team Efforts. Tough but Fun!

Annabelle McNaughton