Dynamic Conditioning Surge

Looking for a training option that gets the job done but saves on time? Our Surge sessions could be just what you are looking for. With all the benefits of our flagship Dynamic Conditioning Sessions, our sessions are still tailored to suit your individual needs, including time restraints.

Although there are fitness classes that claim to be high intensity solutions, they continue to follow the ‘one size fits all’ model with no focus on the individuals taking part.¬†

When time is a factor, the intensity needs to increase to make the same level of impact and now form and personal imbalances are all the more important and shouldn’t, as with the ‘high intensity classes’ be something that gets ignored in favour of speed and just getting it done!

Our Dynamic Conditioning Surge workouts continue to work to the needs of the individual, gets the job done to a high level and can be completed on your lunch break.

Each of our sessions are unique from each other, the reason being, those attending each session are not the same.

Before you ever step foot on the studio floor, we get background information on your fitness level, your goals and what you are looking for from us in order to help you achieve them. From that point onward, our sessions will be subtly adapted to incorporate your wishes.

Not only that, but throughout the sessions we will be monitoring your movement, strengths and weaknesses and these will also factor into your future sessions.

As a result, your progress will, inevitably, be more assured than in any other group training scenario.

So, if you are sick of being treated as a number; want the tailored approach of a personal training service, but without the price tag and if you feel that the energy of a small group would lift your enthusiasm to achieve more, then look no further and book yourself in today.

Fat Loss

Are You Ready To Make Progress?

I’m not too fussed about my weight but my general body size was an issue, but that was before joining DCS. I’ve gone from XXL shirts and jumpers down to L, I’ve shrunk down from size 40 trousers to size 36 (and then back to 38 because the legs are too small), I’ve never been small, the last time I wore something that was a medium I was about 17 so I’m back to what I consider a normal size and I’ll be focusing on keeping that the case for the future.

Walter Fraser