In order to ensure the best possible service for our members and clients, we are very careful about the team members we take on. Only those who value our ethos, values in training and spirit of ensuring the very best of service for everyone who comes through our doors are welcome to become part of our team.

We are always on the lookout for those who fit the bill, but with such a high criteria to meet, they are few and far between. (If you feel you might be someone who does fit with our values, do please get in touch).

That means, as a member or a client, you can be sure you will always get the best treatment and service from those here to assist you on your fitness journey and DCS experience.

The Buck Stops Here

Mark Tiffney

Opened Dynamic Core Studios in January 2012 after 7 years of working one to one with with clients both face to face and throughout the world to make a difference to their health, fitness and self esteem. Feeling he was limited by the cramped nature of of commercial gyms and the limited quality of equipment, he felt the only option was to open a facility that would allow for the best development of its members and clients.

Mark is extremely passionate about the industry and how those looking for assistance in their journey to improvement are helped and guided. As such, the team that he surrounds himself with at DCS as well as those coaches around the world that he chooses to liaise with, must have similarly high standards and respect for those they are their to guide.

It is Mark’s aim to ensure DCS is the best training facility available in the UK and whilst their have been numerous comments stating this is the case already, he is always looking to improve. So if there is anything you are not happy with, anything you feel could add to the facility and ensure the best possible training environment, speak to Mark, he’ll be only too happy to listen.

Ilze Tiffney

Ilze Tiffney

As company secretary, Ilze is extremely passionate about the facility we have at DCS. Her job is primarily to keep Mark grounded in reality and ensure the smooth running of the systems we have in place.

Trainers & Coaches

Mark Tiffney

Lead Coach and Personal Trainer – Specialising in body sculpting, nutrition and psychological approaches to nutritional change. Often works with Business leaders and entrepreneurs in developing their work life balance and ensuring they look after their best asset (their health and fitness) and is currently working with Business for Scotland as their health and fitness expert and author.

Mark also mentors students and interns, developing them to the level of full time Personal Trainers.

You can also find him taking charge of many of our studio group sessions throughout the week.

Physical Therapy


Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist – Salvatore is our in house therapist and is available for booking via his dedicated page or in the facility.

Gal Kantor

Physiotherapist and Diagnostician



We are currently looking for new interns to join our facility. If you are interested, get in touch.


Interested in joining the team? Get in touch below or see our Careers in Fitness section.