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This is the top level membership

One Monthly Fee to Train as much as you like.

You wouldn’t bat an eyelid buying one of these, yet our Dynamic Membership is around half the cost of one of these per day and you will feel much better as a member of our gym than drinking one of these.

With this membership you have priority booking rights for your training. So you can always ensure you get to train when you want.

You will also be given the highest level of discounts on products such as supplement purchases (up to 20%).

Dynamic Members will also be entitled to the highest level of voting when it comes to New Equipment or Alterations to the Facility.

Even though this is our top tier membership with all these advantages along with consistent supervision, feedback and assistance from our Expert Trainers (this is as close as you will get to Personal Training short of taking someone on one to one) along with the fact that our equipment is of the highest quality (Up to Olympic Level) it is still currently less than the cost of a SMALL Cafe Americano in Starbuck per day.

In fact, if you fully utilize the facility to maximize your training, it could work out at just over £1 per session for free reign in a facility with over £150,000 worth of high end equipment, 5000sq.ft of training space and never having to share it with more than 6 other members.

The number of memberships at this level is limited though, to ensure we don’t cause frustration in getting an optimal training slot.

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30 day nutrition guide

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Our 30 day guide is not an "Eat these meals, lose this weight" diet approach. Rather it is a complete over view starting with a 2 day preparation phase followed by a 4 week holiday for your hormonal functions. Giving your system a rest in order to function at its peak.

And what does that meant?

No matter what your goals - fat burning; muscle building; increased energy; added strength - these will all be much more achievable because your body's systems will be operating at a higher level.