Every year we have a BBQ day for our gym members, friends and family. But we also open it up to the public with an Open Gym, Free Food, Games & hopefully some sunshine (Not guaranteed! It’s Scotland)

This year our scheduled date is August 5th, 10am to 4pm

Previous years have been themed.

We’ve had school sports days; a superhero themed day and last year we had a carnival theme.

This year, we are looking to do something a little different, but we are still working on the details.

Suffice to say, it will be entertaining if we can pull it off.

A Great Chance to Meet New People or Get to Know Some Better

For the members, this is a chance to come to the gym and be a bit more social. The equipment is all still there and can be used throughout the day (by members or non-members) but usual training doesn’t allow for much more than superficial chats with those you see regularly. This is a chance to get to know each other better.

For non-members, it’s an opportunity to come and see what our facility is like, meet some new people, get some free food and hopefully kick-back and enjoy the sunshine and watch (or possibly take part) in the events we are putting together.

Kids are Welcome

But if you are bringing children, please let us know in advance. There will be at least one child there for certain, but if we know how many are coming we can try to organise additional activities to stop them getting bored when the novelty of the food runs out.

Plus, grab a Sports Massage for just £5 & Help Out Children Around Scotland

As we always do, we are aiming to give Children 1st a hand in their work helping disadvantaged children around Scotland. And so, if you come to the event this year, you will have the opportunity to grab a massage for just £5 and every penny will go to the charity, so you’ll feel even better for it.

If you are interested in coming along, let us know on our Facebook event page.

Or if you are not on Facebook, send us a message, email or carrier pigeon.

We just want to be sure to have enough food and activities to make it the best day we can for you.

Some Images From Previous Years

Setting up for a sack race at the gym bbq
Food on the gym BBQ
The kids get involved in the games at the gym open day bbq
space hoppers at the gym bbq event
Sack Race at the gym bbq
Egg & Spoon at the open day bbq