Here at DCS we have a team of members who have grouped together in order to tackle Tough Mudder in the name of charity.

As such, we have decided to create some conditioning training sessions to help get them prepped and ready for the big day.

The sessions will not involve mud or indeed any of the exact obstacles used in the race. But they will involve elements that will help condition you to be able to better approach some of those obstacles as well as improve your own conditioning so you can last the distance.

Getting round the course is also easier if you have an element of team work. So during these sessions you will be able to start learning the strengths and weaknesses of those around you and how to make that work for you during the event.

And in order to ensure you are fuelled in a way that you can get around the course, we will spend at least 30mins discussing nutritional approaches that you may wish to consider in order to optimise your ability to hold on to your energy throughout.

These sessions are free for members taking part in the Tough Mudder event this year.

Anyone who is not a member, but wants to join in can do so for £18 (for both days combined). 

If, however, you decide to take out a membership to DCS upon arrival, your £18 will be discounted from your membership.

If you do decide to join us, we look forward to seeing you on the day.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask via email on