Our flagship group training sessions & still our most popular.

If you are looking for the ultimate fitness classes in Clydebank, our sessions go way beyond traditional fitness classes.

These sessions are designed to focus on improving general fitness levels and are more geared toward fat loss, though there are elements of strength, posture and technique included.

Most crucially they are designed to the levels, abilities and needs of those in attendance. Whereas, with most fitness classes, they are predetermined and you have to find the one that works for you, we evolve with you. So join in with one and you’ll soon be influencing the structure of the sessions going forward to ensure you get optimal results for your efforts.

Short on Time? We’ve got you covered!

These sessions, like our flagship conditioning sessions, are designed with improved fitness levels and focus on fat loss at their core. But we fully understand that not everyone can give up the time required for the full conditioning sessions. Especially those looking for something to utilise during their lunch break.

We therefore developed our surge sessions to ensure a more intense, faster workout that would maintain the same value in results, but with less time required.

Whilst we will still continue to work to everyone’s particular level within these sessions, keep in mind, more intense will mean a baseline of fitness. It doesn’t need to be extremely high, but if your current level is extremely low, you may find these sessions a little more uncomfortable. But so long as you are prepared for that, you will do fine.

If you work or live in Clydebank and need a fitness session that you can get in, get the job done and get out quickly, these are for you.

Our goal is to ensure YOUR goals are met


The sessions we currently run are set up to help those we are currently working with to make the best use of their efforts and achieve their fitness goals. But not everyone has the same goals.

We do run specific workshops from time to time on more technique based movements or nutritional information, so keep your eye out for those when they are announced. But if there is anything specific you want to work on or even if our current timetable doesn’t fit in with your diary, simply let us know and we will do all we can to set up something that does work for you.

We are always here to listen. Our facility is for your benefit. So the more you tell us, the more we can make it work for you.

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