At one point, as a species, we were hunter gatherers. Then, somewhere along the line we developed a financial system where we paid others to do the hunting and gathering for us and we just bought our food from markets.

Then came shops and the automobile, so now we didn’t even have to walk to get the food. There are restaurants, so we don’t even have to prepare the food.

All bad enough, and making us lazier as a people.

But, more recently in our evolutionary development, we have created a system where, when we drive to get the food, we don’t even get out the car and make the walk to the building to collect or consume it!

Fast food facilities have taken over the planet.

There is barely a country in the world that isn’t home to a McDonald’s or a Burger King and most of them will include drive throughs.

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If you can buy it through your car window, it’s not real food!

That doesn’t mean if you get out the car and go inside the building to buy your meal, it is any better or more nutritious.

Though at least you get the exercise of the walk.

Here are just some of the reasons for avoiding these products if improved health and fitness is a priority.

It is of low nutritional value

The buns are designed for a high shelf life, which is an instant sign of their ‘unnatural’ makeup. The meat is generally farmed in ways where the animals are fed to make them fatter, but not healthier, often utilizing antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to grow.

And if you are what you eat, you are also what they ate.

Hygiene levels are suspect at best

As with all businesses that prepare food, such establishments will be required to comply with hygiene standards and have strict procedures in place.

However, we’ve all seen the news stories of rats in the kitchens and heard tales of what goes on the prep spaces from former employees.

These may be isolated incidents, but the fact is, working in a fast food facility is not a career choice anyone starts out with as their dream. For most employees, it’s a stopgap or a necessity. So, is the drive to deliver a high-quality service really going to be there?

Anything that makes the job easier and the day pass quicker is going to be a win. And being methodical about hand washing, equipment hygiene etc is going to be very low on the priority list.

It’s not really that cheap!

It does depend on how you are gauging this. If you are going on the cost of something you can shove in your face and feel fuller, then maybe it is cheap. But, given you primarily eat for nourishment, despite enjoyment being a major player (without food you die, it’s that simple), the nutritional value is extremely low.

If you compare it to a healthier option of a similar (or even lower) cost, you can nurture your body to a much higher level for much less money.

It may not feel as instantly satisfying, but it will feel better in the long run.

The graphic below shows the comparison between a salmon and egg salad and a Big Mac.

Nutritional Comparison - Salmon Egg Salad versus Big Mac

The calculations were done over a while ago and the cost of salmon has risen. Plus, the costs were based on buying in a volume that would make 4 portions and dividing them up to make the salad.

Despite there being less food in the plate, so you are getting less volume, from your body’s perspective it is much more nutritional.

Food produced in a factory is ‘unnatural’

I’ll touch on this another time, but the fact these things are mass produced, frozen and delivered in bulk. Then they are reheated.

This means there is a good chance of the re-heating process being poorly executed, so it may not be cooked properly.

And again, because shelf life (to ensure little wastage and therefore higher profits) is a priority, the addition of salts, fats and preservatives, along with the fattening processes of the meats, are taking it further and further from anything you would find in nature.

In the end, the takeaway is, don’t eat food that is served through a car window.

A very simple rule to remember and one that, if executed, is likely to keep you focused on a healthier path.

And I haven’t even touched on the accompanying soft drinks!

And if you want a guide to foods you should be including, be sure to grab your free copy of our nutrition guide.

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Avoid Foods Served Through
Your Car Window by Mark Tiffney

What do you think?

Are you still going to head to the fast food chain regardless?

Do you just like the taste or is it all about convenience or even cost?

Or is this tip something you feel you can get on board with and implement as a simple strategy to help you make healthier choices?

Let me know in the comments below.