Course Review

When it comes to Natural Physique Training, there are very few experts I would recommend taking advice from.

Unfortunately, despite there being more and more information available on building muscle, cutting fat or ‘getting shredded’, there is a tendency, on behalf of the ‘expert’ to skew things in favour of something that sounds gimmicky, clever or out there, in order to stand out from the crowd.

And given the noise that must be shouted above, that’s understandable.

But it does little to benefit those seeking their advice if it is being made to sound good, yet it is style over substance.

The following is a breakdown of who Nate Miyaki is; some information on my history with his content and why I believe him to be one of the most credible sources of knowledge there is.

And with that a review of his Natural Physique Training Course.

My aim is to allow you to understand what you would be signing up to. A breakdown of the course content. And help you decide if the course is something that could benefit you.

Good Physique Training Advice

Nate Miyaki is someone who has continuously proven to be above that.

Nate clearly knows his stuff, just check the abs.

You only need to look at his physique to know he does know what he is talking about.

My first introduction to him was via T-Nation. Reading his first ever article on there, my response was simply, “I wish I had written that”.

It was one of only a few articles I’d read where I didn’t object to any of the content. I didn’t feel the information had been skewed to suit an agenda. It was just useful.

Not only that, but with that first article, along with all subsequent ones, it never felt like he was pushing for a solution that MUST be followed. Rather it was skewed to the idea that he was presenting information and then giving his take on how to implement it, but you were free to take that information and adapt it to your personal views, circumstances or restrictions.

After a few articles on training advice, he posted an article on nutrition. Even more so, I felt the article was perfectly balanced and was exactly in line with the advice I had been giving for many years previously.

This led me to purchase his book The Samurai Diet (which sadly seems to be out of print). A book, I still feel (some 8 years later) is the best book on the subject ever written.

But again, although he outlines conclusions and step by step actions for you to take, he precedes all content with the research that backs up his conclusions and invites you to reach your own conclusions and alter the advice as necessary.

In other words, as with most coaches, Nate knows how to get the job done. But rather than just force his readers, students and clients to follow what works for him, he keeps his advice simple, and with enough scope to ensure it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

This means, if your work schedule, lifestyle, movement patterns, or even just your drive or enthusiasm for change vary from his, you are still left with the tools to implement his advice.

Easier to Take In & Adapt

This is where the course structure is vastly improved from the article and book formats previously employed to put across his teachings.

Using various mediums, including video, it is much easier to absorb the information in a way that you will understand. If you take things in better by reading, you can read the content. If you prefer to visually and audibly absorb things, you can sit back and watch the videos.

If you need more detail, there is further reading on all the research referred to. Yet this can be avoided if you simply want the structure of A to B.

Plus, it is broken down into a structure that makes it extremely easy to follow along with. You can go entirely at your own pace. It’s easy to find content you need to go back over, even months later.

In a book or an article, it is often important to assume the reader knows nothing. Therefore, the basics must be covered in detail. If you are not a beginner, this can be time consuming and frustrating.

Here, due to the ‘module’ structure of the course, just from the headings and outlines alone, you can skip past anything you already feel confident with and get straight to the good stuff.

What you see when you first login to your course

Course Structure

Like all college or university courses, the structure is in modules within which there are individual lessons.

There are 8 modules in this course, with the first 6 containing between 3 & 7 lessons (25 in total).

These first 6 modules set the ground work and give you the information to set up your ideal training plan.

This includes, training frequency; exercise selection; rest times & intensity (covered through modules 2, 3 & 4).

In module 5 Nate moves on to very specific routines and training templates that you can utilize and customize to suit your needs. From a straightforward foundational routine in lesson 1. Onto customization strategies in lesson 2. Then developing into various alternative routines and how to implement and adapt them in lessons 3 through 7.

Module 6 takes these principles and advances things further with more ways to customize your programmes. From manipulating rest times, varying total training volume to perodization over time, you should walk away from this module armed with all the tools you need to keep your programme on track regardless of changes in circumstances (work commitments, family emergencies etc), as well as keeping things fresh, interesting and most of all, effective over time.

The Best Exercises & How to Do Them Properly

Module 7 moves away from theory and gives you practical demonstrations of each exercise.

Nate takes you inside his own gym and runs you through the dos and don’t of each movement to ensure you get the most out of whilst protecting yourself from injury.

This, I feel, is where most people will spend most of their time.

Once you understand the principles, you will only have to go back to the first few modules for the occasional reminder or refresher. However, in module 7, you will benefit most if you continually return to ensure you are covering all the pointers being highlighted.

Each lesson covers a body part, within which there are numerous videos focusing on different exercises, each with varying difficulty or specificity.

As with all lessons, beyond the videos there are explanatory notes below, with key teaching points, diagrams (showing the target muscles). Plus, there are external links for further reading to go beyond those elements included here.

Exercises demonstrated in full with explanations and teaching points

Continually Improving your Physique

Often, with books, videos, DVDs and articles, there is a one and done style of structure to it.

You learn the content, implement it and, if it is good, you get results. But, after a while, the benefits diminish or stop completely (as your body adapts).

Often this leaves the athlete with one of a few outcomes:

  • Continuing regardless, building frustration from the stalled progress.
  • Looking for a completely new routine or approach, which is not great for a long-term strategy (and usually means spending more money on a new book, dvd or whatever).
  • Getting bored and dropping intensity.
  • Giving up completely.

However, the adaptability of this course is where its true strength lies.

Firstly, there are so many options and variables, you should never get bored.

The course teaches you how to adapt and vary, not only for variety, but continued progress.

The periodization section alone should be enough to allow you to set a structured, long-term plan that keeps the progress coming for as long as you wish.

If you do lose focus, the module system keeps things structured in a way that you can jump back in at any point as a quick refresher and watching, or listening, to the associated video may be enough to simply re-ignite your focus.

And if you ever feel you have maximized the potential of the course structure (which should be years from now if you use it to its fullest potential), the further reading elements allow you to gain more in-depth understanding that will allow you to make your own decisions and continue to adapt for the rest of your life.

What if You Don’t Have Time?

There is a lot here and, when you sign up, you may feel that you don’t have time to get through it all.

The temptation here is to put it off until you have more time available.

However, you can get a lot from this without adding any additional time to studying the materials.

The course is accessible online. That means you can login from anywhere. This includes your mobile phone or tablet.

So, no matter where you are, you can have access to the content.

The simple solution, if you have any downtime, is to sit back and just watch the videos and only scroll to the written content if you have trouble understanding what Nate is saying (which is unlikely).

But, if you don’t have downtime, even for this, then switch it on in your car while you are driving and just listen to it. Put on your headphones and listen during any commute (train, bus, walking) or even at work, if there is scope, you could be listening whilst performing any basic or repetitive activities.

Lastly, the most obvious place to listen might be the gym or during outdoor exercise (doubling the benefit of the workout).

You may well get more out of reading the content alongside the videos. However, Nate is very thorough in explaining the training concepts, how you can approach your physique training and the thought process that is behind his teachings.

So, you’ll get more than enough from the videos alone to make staggering improvements through your physique training.

And it certainly beats putting your progress on hold through lack of time.

Value for Money?

Ultimately, any level of investment should be about value for money.

If the outcome should be worth more to you than the cost. Otherwise it is a bad investment.

And one person’s jewel is another’s trash.

Therefore, is this a good investment for you?

Let’s explore some specific benefits and you can evaluate if they would add value to your life:

  • Time saving – Nate has done all the research for you (and references it to prove it), so you don’t have to do the background reading. He has then put together concise, yet in-depth, videos to make it extremely easy to take in the information needed. This means you can listen on the go or learn on your downtime. Therefore, you will short-cut your way to the right path to maximise your physique transformation.
  • Faster Results – Not only will you be able to take in the information quicker, but by using the blueprints provided, you instantly have all the tools to get started. And the technique videos show you exactly what to do.
  • Fully Adaptable – This is not your usual ‘one size fits all’ situation. You can adapt every element of your training routine and make it work for you personally. That way you are not stuck with the generic plan and having to work around it. It can work around you and you are fully in control.
  • No Pressure – The word ‘course’ implies a fixed structure and timescale. This is not the case here. The layout is of a course and you are free to set up time frames for completing each module to keep yourself on track. But, similarly, if you are knocked off track, the content is yours and you can continually access it as frequently as you wish. It will track how far you have gone and remind you where to pick up from next time.
  • Huge amount of content, without the overwhelm – Each module in this course has so much content it is probably worth the insanely low investment level on its own. However, you are given all the information you need in the videos. The advanced content or further reading is there, but it’s not front and centre, so you don’t feel the need to read it all to progress. But this is much more than you would ever expect to find in a book (or 10 books for that matter). Yet, it is presented in a way that is easy to digest.
  • It’s cheap – I couldn’t believe the cost of this course when I first saw it. Having spoken to Nate, he tells me this is the entry price and it will never be available for lower than this. But it is likely to increase over time. So, by simply being one of the early adopters, not only are you getting ahead of everyone else, with regards your training, you are getting a major bargin.I honestly expected this course to be over twice as expensive as it is. I don’t think Nate (in his humility) realizes just what he has created here. I’d, therefore, STRONGLY advise grabbing this before her switches on to its true value.Having said that, if he doubled the price tomorrow, I would continue to recommend it as worth many times the cost.

Bonus Content

You may notice I’ve only covered 7 modules in my outline, yet I said there were 8.

Well section 8 is bonus content.

An amazing physique can go from good to amazing with a well sculpted abdominal region. And, whilst this is covered within the course itself, Nate gives you a focused guide on developing a kick-ass 6 pack with free access to “the 6 Pack Checklist”.

The entire book (which sells for $9.99 on Amazon) is here for free.

Also, when it comes to cutting fat, often Carbs become the go to enemy. They are seen as something to be treated as something to be scared of.

I’ve had this issue with my own clients. Due to the popularity of the Atkins diet, Keto diet and the “No Carbs before Marbs” (from a popular reality TV show – I forget which one as I don’t watch them), carbs have become a major hang-up for many.

Nates book “The Truth About Carbs” covers this very topic and is included, in its entirety, here for you to own forever. – This book sells for $10.99.

You don’t need either of these to make this course insanely valuable, but they are quality pieces of content on their own and well worth having.

The negatives

Nothing and no one are perfect. So, what are the flaws that may be worth considering that could be off-putting?

  • So far as I can see, other than the books (in the bonus section) you can’t download any of the content. This is likely for obvious reasons (copywrite & illegal sharing). However, because it is not immediately obvious to me, doesn’t mean it is not possible. It could be useful if the videos could be accessed without going online. But I’m not sure there is any such course would allow this and it’s more an issue with the platform (if it is an issue at all) than anything Nate has done personally.
  • There is a ‘Checklist’ document at the end of module 4 which would be useful if it could be downloaded. You can print it, from what I can see, but to download to your device is something I haven’t worked out yet. Therefore, if it is possible, it is not immediately obvious.
  • The content is so in-depth, at first glance it could look overwhelming. However, this is definitely not a negative, just a perception. As I’ve mentioned, you don’t need to read it all. Some of the content is mirroring the video content in written form (so you can choose your medium) and it is structured in such an easy to navigate way, you will never get lost in it.
  • The price – if you are comparing it to a book, for example, it may seem expensive. However, there are programmes on the market that have a quarter of the content of this one with a tenth of the integrity and usefulness that will cost over 4 times as much (I’ve genuinely seen a couple at over $7,000, neither of which gave useful information and focused more on ‘fads’ for quick results, but at the detriment of your health).Nate’s course is a fraction of this and AMAZING value.And unlike those others, that make it ‘look’ cheaper, by advertising monthly costs for payment plans, this is a one and done. You pay for it and you own it. That also means, if Nate ever sees room for improvement and adds content, it will simply appear in your curriculum. You don’t need to do anything.

These negatives are quickly turning into positives. But that is simply because I’m finding it hard to criticise and having to make some things fit or second guess what your perceptions might be.

Is This Course for You?

Given you have read (or skimmed) this far, I must assume this is a subject you are interested in.

And, that being the case, there is no reason I can think of that would suggest you would not benefit from investing in this course.

It is not gender biased, so male of female, it will work for you.

It is not targeted at a specific age, so you can adapt the workouts based on your level.

Due to the adaptations taught and built in, you don’t have to suddenly be available to workout 7 days per week for 2hrs at a time. If you have more time you can adapt to that. Similarly, if you are short on time, you can still make it work for you.


This is genuinely one of the best courses of its kind on the market. And it is expertly delivered by one of the most genuine (and charismatic, so easy to listen to) coaches in the industry.

Nate is in amazing shape himself, so he is a great advert for the product. But there are lots of ‘gurus’ out there who know how to get themselves in shape but have no idea how to adapt to teach others.

It’s clear from all his work, not just this course, that Nate is not in that category.

He stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

As such, it is not just something I am willing to give a recommendation to. It is something I am proud to recommend.

In my 16 years as a fitness professional, I have never sought out to endorse a product personally and put my name behind it as an affiliate. Nate was not doing this, but having had a look at the content, I reached out to him and he agreed.

My goal has always been, and will always be, to ensure those who are looking for a route to success get the best resources, advice and direction possible.

The fitness industry has built a reputation for scamming people, for offering unachievable dreams; flash in the pan results; and cashing in on people’s frustrations and pain points.

It is an industry that SHOULD be helping people, not cashing in on them.

This course, in my view, does just that.

As such, it is the first time I’m willing to recommend a service other than my own as I truly believe it will add value and enhance the lives of those who use it.

I hope you have found this useful; it has given you the confidence to move forward and I wish you every success in achieving your ultimate natural physique.

Not Convinced?

I completely understand any hesitancy in signing up for something like this.

Fortunately, since originally writing this review, Nate has gone above and beyond to cover your needs.

He has now put out a “Fundamentals of Physique” Course. 

This is more of a more basic, stripped down course. But it still has tons of valuable information in there.

Here you can discover if Nate’s approach and delivery work for you.

And it’s completely FREE!

OK, his full courses are much more in-depth. But just because it’s free, does not mean it is not valuable.

If you want something to get you moving in the right direction and guide you on the correct path to success, but don’t have the time to complete the larger course or are unwilling to invest in it, then sign up for this.

And if you complete the course, loved it and need something to take you to the next level, the full course option is there.

There is absolutely nothing to lose. So why not just grab it while you can (before Nate realizes this is ridiculous, given the content, and decides to charge for it).

Nate Miyaki's Natural Physique Training Course Review
Natural Physique Training
Course Review by Mark Tiffney

Any Questions?

Feel free to post below and I’ll aim to get the answer to you.

And if you have already invested in the course, feel free to leave your thoughts, comments or tips on getting the most from the content, below.