If you are the type who smothers your food in salt, may I suggest using samphire in your meals?

There is nothing wrong with having NATURAL salt in your diet (so long as the balance with potassium is good) but some people still go overboard.

Samphire does contain sodium, but again it is natural, and the content is low, but it has a very salty flavour to it.

It also contains Vitamin C and there are suggestions that it helps with digestion and gas. However, I don’t know how scientific that information is, it may just be hearsay.

If you are someone who smothers their food in salt though, I’d also suggest having a look at your intake in general. The need for high amounts of salt to ‘add flavour’ suggests you may have dulled your taste buds to an extreme level by overuse of artificial flavouring, smoking or other stimuli.

It isn’t natural to want extreme amounts of salt in your diet, so if you find yourself consistently reaching for the salt shaker before you’ve even tasted the food, perhaps you need a broader view of your nutritional approach.

But, samphire is a solid start point and will give you that ‘kick’ you are looking for without the negative health benefits of excessive salt intake.

And if you do continue to use salt, remember, factory manufactured table salt is not your friend, so avoid at all costs.

It is also worth remembering, however, that table salt is something that helped us with iodine shortage issues. So, by removing it completely (which is unlikely to happen, given it is used in so many things) it could create another issue.

For more on this, have a look at this article on the effects of vitamins and minerals for more information.

Get the basics right first

Keep in mind, this is a small part of your nutritional journey.

Controlling your salt intake is important. But, going to the detail of including Samphire as a priority (over portion control or regular meal timing) is a poor use of your time.

It’s easy to read things like this and think it is something you can do and therefore, look to make this change at the expense of more difficult elements.

However, if the issue is you are struggling for time to get the big stuff right, have a read at THIS ARTICLE for ways to improve your nutrition with a busy schedule.

Samphire - nature's salt shaker
Nature’s Salt Shaker by Mark Tiffney

Is samphire something you’ve used before?

If so, what are your feelings?

Does it do the job of adding flavor for you?

Or if this has inspired you to give it a go, come back and let me know how you find it.

Use the comments below and share the knowledge.